When muffin-top can no longer be over-looked!

Hidden issues...

You know its time to start thinking about getting with the diet & exercise programme when a) you look at yourself in the mirror and have the freaky notion that you might be five months pregnant, b) you find out that you weigh the same as your dad :-/

I was a bit like this after I had JJ – I kept going with the pregnancy mentality for quite some time – not worrying too much about what sorts of things I was filling up on (mostly cakes and pastries) or the fact that I had no time or energy to fit any exercise in. Eventually when he was about two I started to attend a zumba class once a week with a friend and I ate healthily for a while – until a few months later I found out I was pregnant again and the cycle came full circle.

This time round it feels like these bad habits have been going on for longer but in actuality EJ is now approaching his second birthday so I guess there is a pattern after all.

I guess the difference for me this time has been feeling like none of it really matters any more. I don’t need to look good because I don’t have a social life. I don’t need to have a bikini body because we won’t be going on a beach holiday any time in the foreseeable future. I’m not getting any younger and I don’t need to attract a man – those days are long gone! The other thing holding me back has been the struggle I would have to find the time to fit in regular exercise being mostly house-bound as the wife of a shift worker.

Since the blogging journey kicked in this year I’ve really started to feel more interested in things I had thought were not important to me any more though (if ever). Its inspiring to read about other peoples’ fitness achievements and enthusiasm for healthy living. I suddenly like the idea of buying some new clothes and sprucing up my wardrobe a bit with something a little bit fashionable and on-trend (even if its only fun and funky accessories) and I still feel like I’m the same age as people ten years younger than me for whom these things do still matter… No, I’m not past the finish post yet thank you very much!

My other problem/blessing is that I have a body shape that makes it quite easy to disguise extra weight going on. I’ve said before that I hate having huge boobs but, in actual fact, they make a crafty disguise to excess weight around the tummy & hips – clothes naturally fall a little bit loose around the tummy and the whole hip thing just looks proportionate. But now I feel it is the season to call time on the cakes, the sugary coffees, the large portions, creamy frappucinos and sneaky McMeals (the kids made me do it!!).

So I’ll be tuning in to the Cool Bananas blog for juicing tips and taking more careful note of Zoe’s Ashton’s healthy meals (I feel some sweet potato chips coming on πŸ™‚ ) over at ZoeAshton.com.

If anyone has any other recommendations or can give me a bit of much needed cheerleading and encouragement, diet tips – anything really – then please do so (bearing in mind that my thoughts at this moment in time involve cutting out sugary treats and crisps and eating smaller portions, possibly going for a run or cycle at least once a week, possibly cracking out my ten minute dance workout DVD when I’m stuck indoors of an evening and possibly convincing the hubster to let me go back to zumba classes [do people still do Zumba???]).

I’ll be so grateful! πŸ™‚


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35 thoughts on “When muffin-top can no longer be over-looked!

  1. I sooooo relate to this! My arse was as big as a car a few years ago (much, much, MUCH bigger than yours), and like you. I had a bit of a reawakening. I went to WeightWatchers and lost three stone, started singing again, got interested in men again…got divorced. Oops!

    Seriously, good for you. You’ll feel fab once those extra pounds have melted away!

  2. Good luck with it all. Can totally relate. Had twins nearly two years ago and although I’m looking ok my belly is gross. It hangs over everything. (Sorry hope you’re not eating!). I’ll be watching to see how you do it!

  3. I am terrible at losing weight. It only happens when I forget about it and don’t try. Easier said than done.
    Having said that, I’m interested to see whether moving to the town and walking around instead of using the car will help. When I was a student I was a steady weight, which I just can’t get back down to again however hard I try.
    I’ve always thought of you as pretty trim but it’s good to hear that you’ve been inspired.

    • When I was younger I was blessed with a super fast metabolism and could eat and drink anything and stay slim. Obviously you lose that as you get older and then I guess having kids just stretches you out so that its easier for a bit of fat to stretch it back out again! Its definitely a tummy, thigh, hip thing going on!!

  4. Hi Sam, I’ve just completed couch to 5k. I hated running, with a vengeance (!) but it’s free and one day I just did it! I started with intervals of 60 second jogging and now I’m up to 25 minute runs. It’s an amazing feeling. Even when hubby was working late on shift and our bear was in bed, I did it in the kitchen, yes really! Pacing up and down/jogging on the spot! Try the app.good luck ;).

    • I used to run Carol but I have issues with my knees and I’m not sure it its a wise move… I prefer cycling and I’ve got a brand new bike ready to use but I need to build up some confidence as the seat is up a lot higher than I’m used to and its been a while since I’ve been in the saddle! Also obvs can’t do it indoors!! πŸ™‚

  5. You look amazing girl, no muffin top there. My tummy is not the same post kids and 2 sections but along with running, yoga is really helping me. I picked up a yoga dvd recently that is split in 10 minute sections, will be blogging about it soon x

  6. I do run, which I love, but the biggest thing that helps me is walking, I walk everywhere, often 3 or 4 miles a day (6 today!). It has to be something you enjoy though, or the novelty will wear off, and something that you can easily fit into your day x

  7. Oh Sam, that’s really sweet of you to mention me! I’ve done a few lil videos of juicing, & if you follow me on IG i’m abusing it with pictures of my juices with the recipes! The key is to find food & exercise that works for you, is sustainable & fits in with your life. You look great to me!! Never compare yourself to anyone else. Always here to be a cheerleader! I hope my body confidence post helped you πŸ™‚ xx
    Oh & Gillian michales 30 day shred DVD is awesome! x

    • Oh no worries Katrina – funnily enough I didn’t read your body confidence post until after writing this but it all makes complete sense to me and the fact that you mentioned needing cheerleaders (and offered to be one!) has made my day! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the inspiration and tips X

  8. If it’s tummy fat that’s the problem then I’d suggest you try and cut back on gluten and sugar. Go easy on these things (and yourself!) and you should lose the bloat. It doesn’t look like you have much to lose so that should do the job. Personally I’ve always found walking to be more effective than running for weight loss, plus it gives you a natural high without the red face and sweaty pits!! Good luck!

    • I definitely get bloated when I eat a lot of bread.. I try to avoid it but its been creeping back in lately. I really did worry that I might be unexpectedly pregnant the other day but I’ve deflated a bit again now! I think walking is definitely kinder on the joints – I just need to figure out when I can do more of it. The whole sugar thing – does this mean that lots of fruit is out?

  9. Sam, I don’t think you have anything to worry about whatsoever! But knowing that it’s not what we say, but how you feel about yourself that matters, here are a few things that work for me when I need to slim down a little (after too much vino and too many takeaways!)

    I too suffer from the dreaded tummy bloat and personally I find the quickest way to reduce it easily is by reducing my intake of white carbs and sugar. (I try and go without at least one meal a day when I’m cutting back and it really works) That, plenty of herbal tea, cut back on the booze and if you fancy some brilliant exercise that takes only 15 mins (and works quickly!) I can most definitely recommend the ballet workout videos by Sleek Technique. They are seriously fabulous. And easy to do from the comfort of your living room. Good luck! (But remember you are always beautiful as you are) With love and pouts, Katie /Pouting In Heels

    • Aw thanks so much Katie! I am beginning to think I have disguised my issues much more effectively than I could have hoped because, believe me, I could have taken some much less flattering photos πŸ™‚ Great tips there. I will have trouble with the sugar thing for sure though as I have such a sweet tooth. I think you could just be right about the cutting out a meal a day too – I have been eating way more than the recommended calories lately, I’m sure. X

  10. I got weighed 9 weeks after Gwenn was born after not getting weighed since my booking in appointment, and I was horrified! Even now, after losing a stone I still am the weight of a large adult man!

    I’m finding that eating her leftovers (she’s 13 months) is my major downfall and I don’t drink, so chocolate is my wine!!!

    Hope you start to feel more confident soon.



    • Argh! I am so bad for eating their leftovers – its normally just as you’re getting hungry and then you feel bad about letting good food go to waste. I held back this evening though and threw practically a whole plate of baked potato and grated cheese away :-/ Thanks for the good wishes X

  11. Good for you lovely if it’s what you want to do! It’s interesting as i wasn’t hugely concerned with my weight before kiddies but after Monkey i gained quite a bit and since then I became much more interested in being slimmer, I guess being at home all the time and out and about maybe I felt I had more control over it than when I was working. Anyway, I did the old weight watchers point system and it really worked for me, mainly because you don’t have to cut anything out but it made me so much more aware of what I was putting in my body, and what was good and what wasn’t (sometimes surprising). Best of luck with it – though in all your pics you never look like you need to lose weight to me! πŸ™‚ xx #allaboutyou

    • I guess in comparison to some I don’t have a lot to worry about but you know in yourself when you are on the wrong side of the BMI chart! I just need to cut out the excessive portions, cakes, pastries and all things sugary and processed really… X

  12. You probably could guess what i’m going to say lovely… ditch processed carbs and refined sugars, i’m certain weight would fall off πŸ™‚ also i can highly recommend an exercise DVD called 10 Minute Solutions: Target Toning. Best of luck and keep us posted xxxx #sharewithme #allaboutyou

  13. Hi there Sam, I’m popping over from #AllAboutYou and just wanted to say that you’ve crossed that barrier already. You actually WANT to do something. That’s the biggest hurdle I think. I went through the same thing a couple of years ago when I weighed 14st 8lb!!! I felt awful about myself and decided I needed to do something so I reduced my portion sizes drastically, even having less food than my 8yr old son. I cut down on chocolate (not cut out because, well, because it’s awesome), cut out crisps (because they are evil, EVIL!) and switched to wholemeal bread. At the beginning of this year I started walking/running with a couple of other mums after school drop off and began attending a yoga class. This seems like a lot but I did it gradually. After I’d lost 3st I started the exercise and that jump started the weight loss again. I’m now hovering around the 10st 10lb area but would still like to lose a little more. I have found that doing exercise with friends really makes it more enjoyable but also I often run for 30 minutes on the treadmill if the weather is awful. I have lots more energy which means I stay up later and get more done. Bonuses all round!

    HonestMum is right, yoga is fantastic. I love it and have continued it at home even after my classes have finished. Good luck with it all. xx

    • Thanks so much Morgan. Weight loss is definitely a journey and you have done an amazing job! I can’t imagine having to lose more than one or one and a half stone. I just want to look good in whatever I want to wear and not feel like I have a secret bulge to cover! I will definitely canvas my local friends to see if anyone is up for some joint exercise of whatever kind. I’ve never had the patience for yoga though… Thanks for the wishes X

  14. Oh I cracked up reading “when you might be the same weight as your dad”! (I’m 5’1″ and my dad is 6’2″, and built like Don King; I’d be in trouble if we weighed the same!!). Seriously though, someone once told me to lose weight just eat less and move more. It will get there, just make it fun. I wrote a post a few weeks ago about You time, and shared my 10 minute daily workout that I do in the bathroom and shower – really! Fill dead time, and do what you can. I also love following inspiring people on twitter, as I am a big yoga nut. Thanks so much for joining in with #AllAboutYou, hope you can come back tomorrow (hosting just at mine tomorrow)

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