D is for…Deep sea diver #alphabetphoto

Deep sea diver

After a long hard think about what to link up to the Alphabet Photography Project over at Podcast I realised that EJ in his new Deep Sea Diver pyjamas would be perfect! Then I tried to actually get a good shot and found myself chasing an absolutely manic bedtime toddler up and down desperately grappling him, trying to get him to turn around! As you can see from this shot, I never really got him to stand still and its a bit blurry! As such I thought I’d attempt a little bit of artistry and what better for week D than giving it a Daguerrotype makeover? Hope you like it ) and by the way check out Mothercare’s diver pyjamas properly if you get the chance – they are soooo cute!

10 thoughts on “D is for…Deep sea diver #alphabetphoto

    • Ah thanks Sara! You’ve got to pick the right photo for the right filter really haven’t you? I love the pic of your little diva too – just haven’t had time to do any commenting on anything tonight and now I’m off to bed! X

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