Love the Little Things Week 4


Because I’ve been trying to squeeze more healthful things into my life this week I have found it very difficult to keep up with my blog reading and it makes me feel bad to say so but all you lovelies out there have been quite, quite prolific this week and I just wish so badly that I had more time to catch up with each and every one of you. I’ve been researching and reading lots of online articles on weight loss and diet and perusing maps of my local area in the search for the perfect cycle route!

I have to read a lot as part of my job and sometimes what I read is intriguing or frustrating, sometimes heartbreaking and inevitable. This week I read of a girl with mental health issues who carved the words ‘Evil is coming’ into her arm. Some of the things you read stay with you.


The last episode of Happy Valley! I got around to watching the Hugh Jackman/Jake Gyllenhal movie I spoke of last week, ‘Prisoners’ – the story of two families who’s young daughters disappear one Thanksgiving day and the search to find them before it’s too late. Brilliantly acted by those two most watchable of movie stars and a really gripping story that has you right up to the very end. I also discovered that Dexter Season 8 is finally available on DVD/streaming and watched the first episode on Netflix. I have been a Dexter fan since day 1 – see my tribute below…


Ice Truck Killer nails!

After reading Brummymummyof2’s Summer Mummy Army post last week it got me thinking about my nails and the fact that – aside my toes, I never really ‘do’ nail polish. To rectify that I nicked Rita Ora’s style (I’m sure she won’t mind – Rimmel have done very well out of this turn of events!) and in tribute to the Ice Truck Killer storyline in Dexter I went for the cheeky alternating rainbow colours! Yes, yes, I realise I am reverting to my teenage years now…


I love anything that makes me feel summery even when the weather isn’t playing ball and Mr Probz ‘Waves’ is definitely doing that for me right now. It reminds me a little of the song ‘Last Wave’ from my old Beach House CD which is always my go to collection to take away on holiday! (Just try not to think too hard about the fact that he feels like he’s drowning…:-/)

And here’s Hed Kandi Beach House mix (the first four minutes being ‘Last Wave’)



As part of my health kick I tried out a few smoothies and juices this week both inspired by others and just thrown together. Here’s my carrot, orange and ginger juice and my blueberry and nectarine smoothie…

And lastly…

I’m feeling pretty invigorated this week as I have finally got my bum up off the sofa, dug my bike out from under a big pile of garden toys in the shed and made my first tentative steps (or should that be ‘revolutions’?) into health. I put off the change for a long time but once I get into the idea I actually quite enjoy sourcing healthy meals and snacks and testing myself to see what I’m capable of and where the border lies between health and happiness…

The hubster treated me to a gourmet burger and chips at a lovely canalside pub in the sunshine on Tuesday when we were child free – mini date-night alert! (But not at night, obvs). (And before you point out that this wasn’t exactly on the diet plan – well, we all need a little treat and I had just burned off 40 minutes worth of calories! I guess the border between health and happiness is closer than I thought – either that or I just have no will power whatsoever!).

Pint of shandy!

I am also very much looking forward to our family holiday in just over a week’s time – next week I will suddenly realise that I have prepared *nothing* and panic! And I’m also very much looking forward to meeting up with the lovely Elfa from Californian Mum in London on Saturday night for a little drinky on the newly renovated Kingston riverside! Can’t wait!!

Happy Friday lovely Little Loves X




20 thoughts on “Love the Little Things Week 4

  1. There is nothing better than a gourmet burger and fries I am american after all my go to meal for sure. Fantastic you are trying out the juicing and smoothies. You will notice how different you feel so healthy! Keep it up. Love the nails too. Great round of #littleloves

  2. Well done with your health kick Sam, a great start! *waves pompoms* for you :). Fab, song, absolutely love it! Love reading your posts, & getting to know you! Have a brilliant night out, meeting bloggers in real life is such fun. Xx

    • Aw thanks hon! I am starting to feel a bit left out of all the BritMums buzz now but I will SO be there in 2015!! Hope you had fun at the barn dance – I’m guessing that’s where you met Sian of PottyMouthMummy fame?! X

  3. I love the concept of “love the little things”. It makes us reflect on the smallest and minute details of everyday and be thankful for them. I will probably make my own list for my blog, if you don’t mind!. 🙂 -Ritter

  4. Sam, I commented on Friday but it has disappeared!! Grr – technology!! Anyway, I love your nails – totally rocking it lovely – and the smoothie and juice look delish!! I think a little of what you fancy always does you good too, doesn’t it? Everything in moderation with healthy eating! Hope you had a lovely weekend sweetpea xx

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