Word of the week: New


I do like to wait till June to make New Year’s Resolutions! To be fair though, isn’t it much easier to do the whole diet/exercise thing in summer than the middle of winter? Anyone who has been following my blog this week will already know that I decided to act on the discovery last week that I weigh the same as my dad and (on occasion) could pass for someone who’s just gone in for their 20 week scan.

I’ve been rocking the smoothies/juices and attempting to greatly reduce the carbs. I’ve also been out on my new bike (which I’ve had since last August!!). It is a good feeling to act on a little self improvement – I finally feel that, with EJ coming up to two, I am approaching a new sense of self (and self-respect!).

At the same time we are thinking of renewing the cycle of springiness (?) by purchasing a trampoline for the boys to enjoy this summer (and hopefully a few more to come too!). Four years ago our neighbour erected one right next to our fence for his four year old to annoy the hell out of us amuse us with his delightful questions, now JJ is four and its payback time 🙂 Also, if a trampoline amuses JJ half as much as it did our next door neighbour’s son then I might even get a bit of peace and quiet for five minutes!

I’ve suddenly become obsessed with preserving jars and spent about 3 hours just looking at them on Pinterest the other day before trawling through Amazon for the best deal. This *in no way* indicates that I am about to start preserving things though! I ended up buying four no-brand 500ml jam jars instead of either Kilner or Mason as they were so much cheaper. It’s amazing what versatile little things they are: you can make them into everything from a snow globe to a cocktail glass, a soap dispenser or a beautiful painted vase. So far I have just used mine as glasses to drink my smoothie concoctions out of – there is something very rustic and kind of cool about using them as glasses and they always look fab in photos with a funky straw! I also bought some mini glass milk bottles in an old fashioned metal bottle basket. I haven’t received these yet but I know they will look super cute as glasses for the kids with straws as I’ve seen them in photos on the beautiful blog Le Coin de Mel!
Next up: the Kilner candle holder and the jam jar mojito for that summer barbeque I’m longing for!


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13 thoughts on “Word of the week: New

  1. Good luck with getting fitter and healthier. The smoothies you made looked good. Am a big fan of using things for something other than they were intended, I’ve done the candles in jars and they look great.

  2. Sounds like a good week, and hope the smoothies are going down well. We have a mini trampoline and the kids do like it, so hope yours have fun with it. This jam jar thing has me intrigued now, though I can see what you’re saying about drinking out of them – they do sound cool! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  3. Good luck with the diet! I really ought too, but I’m just too lazy and I like to make an excuse like “It’s all about wearing the right clothes”. I know, I know. Maybe one of these days I might just finally do it too! 🙂 Would love to buy a trampoline too for our 3-year-old, alas our garden is too small. #WotW.

    • Well if you’re going to do it Dean – I highly recommend doing it during the summer months – it just seems to fit to have a healthier lifestyle while the sun is shining (or not in this country!!). X

  4. Lovely word for the week and i am totally with you about it being much easier to diet in the summer! The trampoline sounds like a fab idea, my friend just got one for her 3 yr old and she adores it – is out there on it all of the time, which her mummy loves! xx #wotw xx

    • Ah yes, bring on the trampoline!! The hubster has even gone and measured a space and sourced a trampoline which will fit – I’m very impressed and it must mean he is on board with the idea! Can’t wait! X

  5. The more I read about you, the more I like you! How quirky to have your new year’s resolutions in June! Your new bike is a bit like my new sewing machine (got it 2 years ago exactly), got to start using it! X Mel

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