Siblings in June

Siblings June 2

June has been a month of playgrounds, outings and outdoors fun for the boys. It has seen them play and interact together more tha ever before – particularly at times when JJ hasn’t had another one of his friends at hand. It seems he is finally starting to think of his little brother as a ‘friend’ as well – someone who he can trust to always be around as a play companion.

Of course EJ isn’t quite ready for following instructions, and often it all ends in a bit of a full on bundle with a 50/50 mixture of squeals of hilarity and distress! In fact I was tempted to write a post titled ‘Like a Circus Act gone Wrong!” during bedtime this evening – the manic and physical nature of this witching hour is sometimes more than I can handle – just picture trying to put a nappy on a naked toddler who is constantly moving, twisting and squealing whilst his brother rolls across him ending up on his head? I guess this is just their little ritual right now! (Note to self: No more sugar after 9am… *laughs at own ridiculous optimism*).

EJ is generally happy to follow his brother

Siblings June 1

They play hide and seek and occasionally happily share a bit of train play (three carriages each).

JJ sometimes likes to get involved more than EJ might like:

Ferry destination - J&E horsey

But on the whole they are partners in manic high jinx

Train adventures - shenanigans

Never a dull moment!


dear beautiful


3 thoughts on “Siblings in June

  1. The slide picture is a classic. And the nappy-type moments might be hectic, but what a bond EJ and JJ are developing – their own mad sense of partnership and communication.

    • Aw I know! They are literally just getting into this phase although with a nearly three year age gap I guess not quite as quickly as other siblings but they are close enough in age to want to do and watch the same kinds of things now.

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