Love the little things week 5


I have got lots of books waiting to be read – A Landing on the Sun by Michael Frayn (recommended by Gretchen Rubin, Happiness Guru!), Also Skios by Michael Frayn, Don’t ask by Donald E. Westlake (one of his crime capers that I have never read – but I love, love, love his writing in this genre so much!), The Sleeper by Emily Barr (which came up on my Kindle as a recommendation after I read and enjoyed Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and ditto One Step too Far by Tina Seskis. I think I may well put Kate Atkinson aside for the duration of next week (our first summer holiday!) and pick up the Emily Barr…


I finally got around to watching the first episode of Series 8 of Dexter! I love this show and I have always relied on picking it up from either Love Film or Netflix so way out of date with the rest of the world who are organised enough to keep up with either bizarre TV scheduling or have the money for Sky!


I’m really quite excited because I’ve been on a bit of summer shopping spree and decided to base my summer wardrobe around red, white and blue with a bit of a nautical theme and a bit Breton (forgive me if I’m two seasons behind!). Here is a pic of me in my new asymmetrical vest dress from Next:

Next dress


I wouldn’t ordinarily choose something like this but I’ve been hearing this Katy Perry song a *lot* on the radio this week and it is rapidly becoming one of those songs that will always remind me of this summer. Plus my friend Keri and I had a good laugh the other day about the ridiculous innuendo laden lyrics, “So let me get you in your Birthday Suit…It’s time to bring out the *BIG* balloons” tee hee


This week, as I am still trying to live healthy (woo hoo – two weeks in!) I have been making a lot of smoothies and fresh fruit milk shakes. I also decided to try my hand at something I’ve been meaning to attempt for some time: a cake made with no flour or sugar. I opted for a recipe for a Chocolate Banana Cake from the lovely Mummy Tries from her other website Mummy Tries Gaps.

Choc banana cake

It’s made with ground almonds, cocoa powder, eggs, vanilla essence, ripe bananas and coconut milk and oil. It was quite a different texture from regular cake, more moussey, and, to satisfy my sweet tooth I drizzled a little honey over the top and it was really lovely!

And Lastly…

Lots of lovely things! I had a fab night out at a bar on the Kingston upon Thames riverside with Elfa from Californian Mum in London on Saturday night – what’s not like about Pimms, a shared bottle of white and lots of bloggy chat in real life! So much fun to meet a fellow blogger IRL at last and makes up for not being able to make BritMums this year (Elfa has promised to represent me in my absence πŸ™‚ ).

I’m excited about heading off to Overstrand on the North Norfolk coast on holiday on Saturday with the hubster and kids – we’ve got big plans for lots of fun days out!; and I’m excited by all my little purchases this week – I have gone a bit mad and treated myself to a few lovely bits and pieces like this nautical bag from Next (flower brooch and shoes model’s own πŸ™‚ )

Nautical bag & red shoes

Happy Friday Little Loves!

Sam X

24 thoughts on “Love the little things week 5

  1. Thanks for the mention hon, so pleased you enjoyed the cake! Sounds like you’ve had a great week πŸ™‚ you’ll have to let me know how you get on with Sleeper – Emily Barr is one of my fave authors. You must be super excited about going on holiday – how lucky with this weather xxx

    • The only Emily Barr stuff I’ve read before has always made me feel really summery – real escapist stuff but well written so I’ve got high hopes for this one! Cake is fab – so glad to have discovered it! Although I’m not sure if it really counts as diet food but at least we know its made with all good natural ingredients! Have a fab weekend – I hope you get back on board with the GAPs quickly my love X

  2. There is nothing like holiday shopping to get you in the mood for going away. Hope you get to have a lovely hols. Will be good to know what you think of Emily Barr. I really enjoyed Good Girl and have One Step too Far on my to read list.

    • Ah thanks honey – its only Norfolk but we’re off to Devon in August too so I can justify that it has to be sunny on at least one of those holidays!! I absolutely love shopping and packing for a holiday. I loved Gone Girl – wonder what the film will be like… Funny that you have One Step too Far as well!

      • A holiday is a good thing no matter where it is in my book. I’ve only been to Norfolk once, we went seal watching. Lots of fun. Didn’t know they were making a Gone Girl movie.

  3. So much love!! Love the outfit, the song, the cake, the handbag!! And also the fact you live in Kingston (or nearby?) I’m in Guildford so you’re super close! I can’t get to Britmums but will follow you and Californian mum in London on Bloglovin as I love the idea of getting to know local bloggers too! #littleloves

    • Ah lovely to meet you Hannah! I actually live closer to Guildford than Kingston (and work in Guildford) – I grew up in Teddington and my parents live over that way. My cousin lives in Guildford and she has just had her first baby on June 3rd! It is nice to know that we’re not all alone blogging out here in Surrey/Hampshire/South West London! Glad you liked all my loves this week X

  4. I love all your purchases Sam – you look really lovely! πŸ™‚ And, oh my goodness, that cake looks divine! I’m trying to cut down on carbs and sugar too, so will definitely give that a go as a little treat! Have a lovely weekend, and a lovely holiday too! Xxx

    • You should definitely try the cake hon – I was unsure to begin with but I have loved every mouthful since then and feel so virtuous! Having said that I’m entirely unsure if it still counts as carbs but at least its not processed, refined carbs! Have a lovely weekend too my love πŸ™‚ X

    • I thought you might like the nautical Sian! Bloggy meets are great, I just wish all of you lived closer to me so that we could have a Little Loves meet up! Hope you have fun in the sun this weekend too, my love X

  5. So trendy!!! Love the bag and red shoes and I just bought the same vest tunic but in yellow so if it’s last season we both can be behind together. lol Lovely #littleloves this week.

    • I had these red shoes for a while hon, I wanted to get some new bright red pumps but I couldn’t find any in my size. On the plus side at least these ones are nice and comfy now πŸ™‚ These vest tunics are great aren’t they? I was thinking I might buy one in another colour too! Have a fab weekend honey πŸ™‚ X

  6. Ooh a blog meet up, seems they are popular this week, I seem to be so far away from fellow bloggers, hope you have a lovely holibobs and I too love nautical x

    • I don’t know many local bloggers at all to be honest – everyone seems to be North London or midlands (and then those NI girls too!) Nautical is a really fun theme isn’t it? I like having a theme! Happy weekend hon X

  7. Sam you just made me chuckle!! *BIG BALLOONS* hahahaha. How silly is it, i hear that song all the time, but never really ‘listen’ to the lyrics. & hey, nautical is timeless-it’s not a look or colour i can pull of, but looks great on you. Have a great holibol/ time away! xx

    • Thanks babe, the thought of the *BIG BALLOONS* always makes me chuckle too! I can imagine you would look great in red, white and blue or anything really so I’m not buying that πŸ™‚ Thanks for the compliment though! X

  8. Loving all your new purchases, I’m a big fan of red, white and blue too!

    I’ve read a couple of Emily Barr books and they’re great, they always get me hooked straight away. I’ll have to have a look for the Sleeper! xx

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