When outings go wrong! : Wimbledon Windmill

My mum grew up in the Fulham/Putney/Wimbledon area of South West London and last Sunday she suggested that we take the boys to one of her old haunts – Wimbledon Windmill on Wimbledon Common. The journey there would take in a train ride and a bus ride – ideal for my public transport loving boys!

Our first mistake was to rule out taking with us the buggy. EJ is not one for being strapped down to anything and kicks up a helluva fuss if he feels like his freedom is being in any way curtailed. That, combined with the thought of lugging the thing on and off buses and trains was enough to make us decide to leave it at home.

Everything started off fine – the boys were excited on the train and then just as excited to get up to the front of the top floor of a double decker bus (EJ practically forcing the young man sitting there already off!).

Double Decker riders!

Then, we arrived at our destination bus stop and there was a five minute walk down alongside the common to get to the windmill. JJ began to whine. EJ was flinging himself off kerbstones with gay abandon. Eventually we made it at round about 11.20 and took a turn into the tea room/cafe there which was mighty popular at that time of day/week with a lot of runners appearing to use the spot as a gathering point for coffee post run. We decided that we might as well order the munchkins some food and milkshakes as we were all a bit hungry and thirsty. Only it turned out that EJ didn’t really like his strawberry milkshake and shortly after the following picture was taken he spilled it all over the table, narrowly avoiding soaking my mum in sweet, sticky pink milk!

Milkshakes - before the spill

We waited for the food order to be called out. And waited. And waited. My Mum went in twice to chase them up – it was only a couple of toasted sandwiches, sausage, chips and beans for the kids. The kids became bored and fractious. Eventually the food arrived, the kids had one sausage each and pretty much left the rest.

At this point we hadn’t even seen the windmill and we were well aware that we were deep in the heart of EJ’s usual nap time.

By the time we had finished our food the boys were a bit beyond any further walking so we decided to just call it a day and head home! I took a couple of shots of the windmill just to prove we had actually been there, and the boys had a bit of a climb on a big old cog structure which I presume had once belonged to part of the mill’s inner workings…

Eventually we found ourselves back on the train home which perked the boys up no end. Here they are trainspotting and creating a bit of chaos and giggly mayhem on a, thankfully, fairly empty train!

So there you have it – how not to plan a day out! Next time, picnics, buggies and sensible timings will be the order of the day! I am still intrigued by the wonderful memories my mum described of playing on and exploring the Common in her childhood as I am completely unfamiliar with that area so we’ll definitely return!


24 thoughts on “When outings go wrong! : Wimbledon Windmill

  1. Oh dear! Sounds oh so familiar! I have had more days like that than I can remember. And I never seem to learn!!!

  2. Oh dear, we also had a ‘day out from hell’ a couple of weeks ago in Stonehenge… the kind of visit during which you are glad you do not know anyone there and wish you could shrink and disappear. It also seems that everyone looks at you disapprovingly when you are having such a day (or do you also become paranoid when your children are being fractious / awfully badly behaved?). x Mel #SharewithMe

    • Just refer to my reply to MyLittleDreamWorld1 – today was one of those days too!! And yes I think there is a combination of paranoia and actual disapproving looks! So much fun being a parent sometimes eh?! X

    • Oh yes, way more than once!! Had a brilliant one this morning on hol in Norfolk – both children covered in the pox – mid June but blowing a gale up on North Norfolk Coast – children too cold for sea breezes, argument over whereabouts of cafe, then EJ drops half his hot chocolate in deli and JJ drops the other half in a local toy shop – soooo embarassing!! 🙂

  3. Oh gosh bless you, we have all been there. Planned a nice day out we think it will go one way and the kids have an entirely different agenda. Ahhh so tough but at least you know what to do for next time. Looking at the positives no strawberry shake, take stroller and maybe settle for a smaller journey to the park with a picnic until they are older. hahah Love all the photos nevertheless still adorable kiddos. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  4. Ah sorry it didn’t go quite as planned!Outings with small children can be so tricky can’t they, one thing goes a little wrong and then it soon all spirals downward! Monkey used to love walking anywhere but he has definitely regressed lately and would prefer to be in the buggy so ours comes with us everywhere at the mo! Not sure how we’d manage with buses and trains though! Hopefully you get to enjoy the windmill another time! xx #sharewithme

  5. Awww….I’m sorry that things didn’t go exactly as planned. I hate when I put all of the effort in to make a daytrip happen, and it just doesn’t turn out. I love your attitude though! Going back with strollers and a picnic is a great idea. Maybe even staying out while they nap, so you and your mom can have a chat!

    Angie from reasons to dress, fashion, real mom street style & life as a North American mom in Italy.

  6. OMG I can so relate with this! We went camping and I forgot so many things. Vital things (contact lens kit & decent blankets) that the trip is okay but not the best. Theres always next time tho and hopefully it’ll be the best for both of us =) #sharewithme

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