Love the little things Week #6


(disclaimer: some of the things I will mention here may bear a resemblance to things I talked about last week, the difference being last week I was thinking about them, this week I’ve put them into practice!)

While I’ve The Sleeperbeen away I’ve been trying to make a bit more time for leisure reading – fiction. In the past choosing good summer reads was part of the fun of preparing for a holiday but nowadays the chance to find the time is rare. Nevertheless I have put down my more literary tome and picked up The Sleeper by Emily Barr. I’ve only managed to read about a fifth of the book, mostly before dropping off to sleep last thing at night. It’s a bit of a slow starter if it is to be a mystery thriller – so far there has just been a very small hint of more interesting things to come. She does however really get you inside the mind of her protagonist so you feel like you might be able to predict her later moves. I’ve read some books by this author before so I feel confident that the plot will pick up soon!


Well, despite promising myself that I would take a step back from blogging this week I have ended up still doing a lot of reading and commenting, but in the background has been a lot of international football (Spain’s out – shocker!), Chuggington, Topsy and Tim and Swashbuckle (I’ll be talking like a pirate for some time – ah-harr me hearties!)


I’ve been mostly sticking with the red, white and blue theme this week – unfortunately our holiday weather hasn’t been very warm and sunny so most of my new pretty lightweight outfits have just hung in the wardrobe of our holiday house. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some wear out of them when we go off to Devon in August… Here’s a pick of myself and the boys sporting a range of stripes:

Norfolk stripy tops


Paulo Nutini. He’s one of those singers, like Aloe Blacc, who have the most amazing, god-given voices – eminently listenable, and some of his songs thrill me – I’m thinking Last Request and New Shoes. His latest release, Scream (Funk my Life Up) is pretty good, but I’m still not sold on some of the other songs from the album. In the old days I would just buy the album and then it would grow on me, but in this age of downloads and digital ‘tasters’ I am often left a bit undecided…


I’m on holiday so time in the kitchen has been reduced and I certainly haven’t cooked anything as such. I have the makings of a great holiday album though and I helped make a little family of Supermen by buying the hubster a T-Shirt for Father’s Day which matches those of the boys just for fun!

The Supermen shirts


It’s been a week of highs and lows as holidays with small children are wont to be – the worst thing being that both children succumbed to chicken pox – EJ from Day 1!

Highs though, have included visiting Norwich Cathedral during the filming of Judi Dench’s new movie Tulip Fever – a book I loved by Deborah Moggach. I’m excited to know that when I watch the film I will be able to pinpoint the scene where we were tucked in to a side chapel just behind the action with our fingers crossed that EJ wouldn’t suddenly squeal at the top of his lungs! (He didn’t!).

Visiting the beautiful Blickling Estate one sunny afternoon and playing giant lawn games with the boys was awesome.

And a lovely little (short!) journey on the North Norfolk Railway culminating in me taking pictures of the toilet (a genuine Crapper!):

Norfolk Weybourn rail 'Crapper'

Capturing a fab butterfly shot outside whilst waiting for the train back:

Norfolk railway butterfly 1

And then a lovely stroll down Sheringham High Street which (whilst somewhat heaving with the older generation!) was like taking a step back in time with lots of green grocers’ stacked with beautiful looking and smelling fruit and veg outside, baker’s shops with tempting treats, ice cream parlours and adorable gift shops which made me sad that I wasn’t there with a girlfriend for the purposes of browsing through the scarves, homewares and intriguing little bits and pieces. There also seemed to be a bit of a lobster theme going on there:

So now I just need a holiday from my holiday and I’ll be a happy woman!

Happy Friday Little Loves! X



24 thoughts on “Love the little things Week #6

  1. I feel for you on the chicken pox. The same thing happened to me in March. No spots when we set off, several when we arrived. Looks like you are still managing to enjoy yourselves though. The photos are great!

  2. Oh no – holidays with littlies is hard work without chicken pox as well. Hope they’re all better now. Blickling Estate looks incredible, must add that to my list of places to visit this summer.

    • It wasn’t *quite* as bad as i thought it was going to be actually and at least we’ve got the worst of it over and done with whilst we’ve had the excuse to be busy and I’ve had the hubster with me for moral support! You must see Blickling Estate one day – I’m not a huge follower of architecture or historic buildings but this really blew my socks off! Definitely a feast for the eyes and a joy to have the privelege to wander round the place. 🙂

  3. I like the way the beautiful close up of the butterfly (well *done* that is quite a shot) comes right next to a couple of giant lobsters. They say variety is the spice of life!

  4. Don’t you just love a holiday high street, ice cream, afternoon tea, fish & chips, delicious!! I have a superhero fan for a toddler too. Enjoy your holiday after a holiday x

    • Yes it was a lovely place to visit (even if it was heaving with old folk!) I don’t think I’ll actually get a holiday post holiday unfortunately but its nice to be home all the same! 🙂

  5. I LOVE those t-shirts, they are super cool. My friend bought my newbie a babygro with the superman logo on it and it’s so cute 🙂

    I hope the boys are ok after their encounter with the pox and they don’t leave any lasting marks. Lovely photos of your holiday. Sounds like it’s good to be home though! xx

    • Ah! I love a novelty babygro 🙂 I think the boys are pretty much recovered now – we’re into the scab picking phase with JJ :-/ It is definitely good to be home and I was actually quite relieved to go back to work this morning!! X

  6. Great pictures! Holidays with little ones are just something else aren’t they! I often felt like I needed a proper holiday just to get over them too! haha
    Gorgeous photos though, especially loving the butterfly shot xx

  7. Absolutely love the family super man shirts. The song and your outfit great too! Hunny you really have had a packed week. WoW. Oh no on the chicken pox. We had them recently on both kids at the same time. HOpe it doesn’t get too bad there. Big hugs to you! #littleloves

    • Ah! Thanks Jenny. I thought it was a stroke of genius of mine getting hubster Superman T for father’s day 🙂 We did pack a lot in all things considered! I think the chicken pox is pretty much gone now – now I’m worried it didn’t last long enough and it’ll come back!! X

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