North Norfolk with preschoolers – Part 1

I can see the sea!

This weekend we returned from a wonderful family holiday to Overstrand near Cromer on the North Norfolk Coast. This will be our last chance to travel outside of school holidays as JJ starts big school in September.

We opted for Norfolk primarily due to the fact that one of my closest and oldest friends lives en route (near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk) and it was deemed the perfect opportunity to get our little families together for the first time since ou children have been old enough to interact together.

Because of post-motherhood fuzz brain (I’m not going to openly admit to just being a bit s**t at planning and organisation :-/ ) I booked this holiday over the Britmums Live dates – for which I had already purchased my Β£98 ticket – read more about my thoughts on this shortly!

Other than bad planning which can be blamed on me, the universe decided to stick its oar in as well, as, lo and behold if I didn’t remove EJ’s pyjama top on the morning of Day 1 to discover a little constellation of chicken pox spreading itself out across his back. This, of course, put paid to our 2 planned visits to the lovely Sophie as, despite her eldest having previously suffered the chicken pox, she is also currently the proud owner of a bloomin’ gorgeous 6 month old baby and there was no way we were going to put him at risk.

Armed with an extended first aid kit including acqueous calamine, Calpol, Calprofen and enough bicarb of soda to automatically qualify me for the Great British Bake Off (you put it in the bath, right?), we put on a brave face and set off in the almost certain knowledge that JJ would soon join his brother in the pox.

Cut a long story short – he did, within two days, and suffering with it worse than his little brother inducing a Tourettes-a-thon (minus the swearing!) of hopping, twitching and itching which culminated in a ‘luxury’ hot chocolate being shot up into the air and all over the floor of a toy shop in the beautiful town of Holt which we will probably never be able to show our faces in again (for shame!).

All this said, we did not let this minor ( :-/ ) setback stop us from exploring all that North Norfolk had to offer the likes of us. The first, and highly touted, visit we made was to BeWilderwood near Wroxham – a kind of massive adventure playground, if you will, all set in atmospheric woodland and set up to mirror a fantastical world where small mythical creatures and the occasional witch (also a crocodile-like being named Mildred who, apparently, likes to dance around a sparkly handbag at the weekend) live out their days. Our children weren’t really bothered by all this mythologising and the best bits for them (JJ in particular) were the boat ride, wobbly high bridges and zipwires.

Norfolk Bewilderwood

I had the pleasure of closely shadowing EJ’s every move as he casually mistook himself for a child 8 years older and attempted to scale even the tallest structures. Unfortunately this meant the camera stayed firmly zipped up in my backpack for 90% of the time.

I also had to eventually concede to the hubster that, for better planning (here we go again!) we would not have been faced with the prospect of spending Β£3 on a plain cheese sandwich.

Still to come in the North Norfolk with Preschoolers series:

  • A surprise awaited us at Norwich Cathedral
  • JJ’s wish came true with a trip on the North Norfolk Railway
  • What happened when a trip to the most child-friendly pub ever (The Pigs in Edgefield) didn’t quite work out…
  • Fun and games (and attempted sweetie theft!) at Wroxham Barns and a brief foray into Wroxham town for a quick squizz at ‘The Broads’
  • Beach shenanagins back at Overstrand
  • And finally, two more National Trust properties to cross off the list – Blickling Estate and Sheringham Park.

Linking up to What’s the Story over at Podcast The Doves.

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34 thoughts on “North Norfolk with preschoolers – Part 1

  1. Oh my goodness I can’t believe they got chicken pox! What terrible and unfortunate timing!! 😦 Poor things and poor you! Loving this post though and BeWilderwood sounds fab! Shame you couldn’t make it to see your friend, totally understandable but gutting nonetheless! Glad the pox didn’t completely ruin your holiday and I am very much looking forward to reading the rest! Fantastic teasers! πŸ™‚ xx #whatsthestory

    • It was a bit gutting about not seeing my friend. We are so rubbish at arranging get togethers – busy lives and all that, that I wonder when we will next get the chance… You may have had a little taster of what’s to come already if you read last week’s Love the Little Things Post! I may just be repeating myself from here on!! X

  2. Yikes feeling the pain with the Britmums double booking 😦 It does sound like you had a lot of bad luck however I think you did an amazing job of making the most of it. I thought this was amusing and warm hearted, just like the very best of family life.

  3. What rotten luck. Kids really do ruin family holidays, don’t they? But it looks like you made the best of it. We went to the North Norfolk coast (around Holt) a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it!

    • It is lovely up there isn’t it? The one thing we didn’t get to do was a boat trip out to see the seals at Blakeney Point because it was too cold and JJ was miserable! Overall we will definitely take away good memories! X

  4. Oh dear Sam! I’m sorry but this did make giggle to myself. Only because your wit comes across so well! You could have joined the boys with their contagiousness by eating some bicarb and frothing at the mouth. Would’ve made your hols even mor interesting πŸ˜‰

  5. This is just the worst timing you poor things, but then again actually may be not….I mean the holiday fun probably created a lot of distraction for them so that they didn’t spend as much time concentrating on being poorly and picking those pesky pox!!! Hope they are feeling all better now xx

    • It was a mixed blessing really as it meant we didn’t have to think about the childcare issue, cancelling pre-school etc. and there were two of us there at all times to deal with it all. We still had such a great holiday X

  6. Oh no chicken pox are making their rounds badly lately. both of mine just had it and I think that Buba is getting it a second time and he had it extremely bad the first. Not sure what’s going on there. I am so glad it didn’t ruin your holiday. Love the photos you did share. So cute. Sorry that you didn’t get to see your friend. Bummer. Hopefully again soon though. Sorry I didn’t get to meet you at britmums live. Maybe next year!!! thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

    • Oh no I really hope Buba doesn’t get the pox a second time Jenny! I’ve heard of people getting it more than once and I do fear that maybe mine had it for a shorter space of time than other people’s children seem to have and maybe that means they’ll get it again but I really hope not! I did miss seeing my friend it was a perfect opportunity missed but never mind, next time. I’d love to meet you at a blogging event some time! Thanks for hosting X

      • We went to the docs today Buba in fact has chicken pox again. It’s awful right before our trip!!! Ugh hope missy moo doesn’t have it again too or we can’t fly home!!!

  7. Oh no can’t believe everything literally came at once. But sounds like you all had a good time anyway. Look at that bridge, it looks pretty high up and he looks really fearless!

  8. That will be a chicken pox story you never forget! Glad they both got it out of the way at once and the vacation probably helped distract you all from the misery. Sorry you missed out on your friend though! Hopefully, you’ll get the chance to get together again soon!

    • Yes hopefully Marie. I would love for our children to meet up and play together – we have known each other since I was 2 and we were playmates together for many years ourselves. X

    • Ah my two missed out on all that because they had the pox while we were on holiday so out of reach of all doting extended family! The two of them recovered in super quick time though so they’ll have to wait for the next illness for all those goodies! X

  9. Oh Sam, I’m so sorry, what rubbish timing 😦 It does sound like you took it in your stride though and just got on with things. The boys had chickenpox, but one after the other… A whole month in semi-quarantine!! Just keep telling yourself it’s good to have got it out the way πŸ™‚ Look forward to hearing more about your holiday xx #ShareWithMe

    • We seem to have got off lightly then Sara – it all seems to be done and dusted within a week for both of them! I just hope that means it won’t come back any time soon :-/ I’ve got another holiday post lined up – watch this space! X

  10. Oh gosh what rotten luck! Sounds like you had yourselves a good time in the end though, love the smiley photo. Norfolk is lovely, I traveled through there last week funnily enough after being in Suffolk seeing the in-laws (they don’t live far from Bury St Edmunds). Look forward to hearing about the rest of your travels #whatsthestory

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