Love the Little Things week 7


This week I finished Emily Barr’s The Sleeper after only starting it last week!! It must be a record or mean something significant. Whilst it wasn’t as good as Gone Girl (Gillian Flynn) it had the same sort of vibe and it was enjoyable enough for me to have sought out another book by Barr which I’ve now got all loaded up and ready to go on my Kindle. This one is called The Life You Want and tells the story of a mother of two who has a seemingly perfect life but feels like she’s cracking up and escapes to India to rediscover herself. I am really into summer reading mode now and I love the premise because who hasn’t felt like that at some time and wanted to escape alone to somewhere exotic?

The life you want by Emily Barr


This week I watched the final episode of Amber on BBC4 as recommended by the lovely Emma of Life at The Little Wood. Like everyone else I had a hole to fill after Happy Valley ended. I enjoyed this in the way you enjoy any suspense thriller – you kind of hang on in there to find out what did happen to that missing girl. I don’t want to give away spoilers if anyone intends to watch but it has the kind of ending you will either love or hate… I am also intending to watch a DVD I’ve had from LoveFilm for a while now, Saving Mr Banks – the Tom Hanks/Emma Thompson one all about Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers and her meeting with Walt Disney to discuss the adaptation of her story to the big screen. I loved the trailers back on cinematic release and I’m really looking forward to this!


Nothing particularly exciting this week, I was all about getting comfy after work and I’m loving these new jersey harem-style pants I got recently from Next:

Harem pants


I heard this Avicii song Lay Me Down on the radio on my way to work the other day and I love it! I’m not sure if it’s a previous release, new release or what but I know its the kind of music that gets me up on my feet. I think Avicii would be amazing live – you can see from the atmosphere in the video that he creates that festival vibe – Wake Me Up has always seemed like the perfect festival song to me because of its anthemic chorus. I only just found out that the vocals on Wake Me Up were by Aloe Blacc!



I thought I was having a little lightbulb moment this week after trawling Pinterest for ideas for good stuff to make into ice lollies – I’m thinking alcopopsicles, smoothie and milkshake lollies and frozen yogurt. I noticed that some people had just literally stuck lolly sticks straight into yogurt pots and frozen them and I suddenly thought of Frubes and how perfect they would be as yogurt ice pops! I ordered some with the weekly shop only to discover that I am clearly one step behind the Frube marketing department:

Frozen Frube

This went down pretty well with the boys!

I did actually attempt some home made lollies too using a recipe which mixes frozen banana, peach (I used tinned), almond milk, cinnamon, vanilla essence and agave syrup. Its healthy and free from too.

Banana Peach lolly

I had used a very over ripe banana so it was particularly sweet! JJ wasn’t too keen but I liked the flavour. The problem is that most home freezers don’t freeze stuff fast enough to avoid that prickly icicle effect that you get when you make your own and these were no exception. The recipe I got this from made a good point in suggesting you freeze your banana in advance – I just didn’t get mine in the freezer fast enough because I had to run out and buy some moulds! I might experiment with freezing the peaches next time too – I believe that the colder it is to start with, the quicker it will freeze and the better the final texture…

With some of the leftover almond milk (I’ve never tried it before but its OK if you don’t drink it straight up) I quickly whizzed up this strawberry banana smoothie and added a little vanilla essence & sprinkled some cinnamon on top which was actually really nice:

Strawberry banana smoothie


I had fun with mum and the boys at the big playground in Bushy Park, South West London and noticed that the deer are getting tamer and tamer – I even saw them eating out of peoples’ hands! Not sure if this is a good thing mind you…

Deer in Bushy Park

EJ has finally started getting his appetite back and being cute and happy again – hurrah! And JJ’s brain seems to have finally received the memo that says ‘turn off the waterworks at night’ – a whole week of dry bedding – hurrah times 2!!

I treated myself to one of these:


Some of this:

Tesco salted caramel sauce

and whipped myself up both an iced version and hot version of a caramel latte with lots of lovely froth! Delicious!

I’ve also (I think) re-negotiated a mini-break to Suffolk to see my bestie Sophie and get our kids together at the end of August which is going to be brilliant!

AndΒ I’ve wasted no time in bagging myself an earlybird ticket to the Mumsnet BlogFest in November – woohoo – November 8th, November 8th, November 8th (If I repeat enough times I might even remember this one πŸ™‚ )

Happy Friday Little Loves!




18 thoughts on “Love the Little Things week 7

  1. Such a gorgeous week Sam! We watched the final episode of Amber last night – I wasn’t sure what to make of it! But it certainly left you feeling very on edge, didn’t it? Absolutely love your hareem trousers – gorgeous! And the lollies look amazing – will definitely be trying (and the smoothies too!) have the loveliest weekend sweetpea xx

    • Ah thanks Em! The harem pants are just so comfy – its just like wearing pyjamas really!! As I said on the Twitter I was secretly hoping that you would still somehow find time for a Little Loves post but that’s just me being selfish because I love reading them! Let me know how you go with the lollies – the banana peach was really nice as a chilled smoothie too! The ending of Amber really frustrated me but I get the whole “this is how it would feel, not knowing” thing… Hope you have a lovely stress free happy weekend too my love πŸ™‚ X

  2. Those lollies sound fab, I really must get around to doing some homemade ones for the girls. We do the frozen ‘squeezey yogurts’ too, super yummy quick treat. Have a great weekend xx

  3. Yummy yum to the lollies! I agree with Amber, Its either a love or hate ending! Great round up of #littleloves

  4. You’ve been busy! I have almost finished my latest book and wasn’t sure what to read next. I’ll get Gone Girl since you seem to have liked it. We always freeze fruit or yoghurt tubes; the kids love them. I didn’t know you should freeze the banana before making your own ice lollies. I will try that next time (hoping it doesn’t break my old blender haha!). X

    • Gone Girl is a great read – I’d definitely recommend it. I wish I’d thought of freezing the yogurt tubes before – the boys really like them and its much more healthy than the usual assortment of frozen desserts! You’ll have to let me know how the lolly making goes – I was a bit disheartened by the spiky icicle texture… My old smoothie maker did seem to cope OK with the frozen banana though!

  5. I’ve got the same pants from Next and I love them. They are the comfiest trousers ever, I’m going to have to go and get a back up pair in case anything ever happens to them! xx

    • Bushy Park is one of the nine Royal Parks of London Mel (which also include Richmond, Hyde Park and St James’s Park). It is very close to Hampton Court. The deer are everywhere at this time of year but go in October/November and it’s a bit eery – the cries they make during the rutting season remind me of a scene from Jurassic Park! It can be a bit hairy! πŸ™‚

  6. Such a lovely week Sam, so busy. Love all the pictures of ice cream and smoothies, I really must get in on making both of these. Looks like i’m missing out! I live in my harem pants at night, so comfy x

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