Love the Little Things Week 9


Somehow I haven’t found the time to read at all this week. What I have ‘read’ has been the captions on a million amazing and fabulous pins on Pinterest which I have been scouring for ideas and inspiration for EJ’s circus theme birthday party (I’ve become a bit obsessed!). Oh and this:

A day at the circus


So many things I wanted to watch TV & movie-wise but in actual fact, I’ve watched on as a very proud Mummy twice this week, firstly as JJ completed his first 5Km Parkrun round Alice Holt Forest with his daddy and big sister (in the rain!).

JJ's first Parkrun success!

And then as he dressed up in gown and mortar board for his pre-school graduation, stepping up onto a little makeshift stage to receive his scroll (or ‘telescope’ as he described it). Too cute! The end of an era. Because we weren’t allowed to take pictures of the children (instead an official picture will be sent out to each individually later) I’ll share this little self-portrait from the Class of ’14:

JJ's self portrait


I have to say being a part time worker does mean that I get the excuse to dress a bit nicer than I would otherwise, make the effort with accessories, etc. Today I wore white trousers to work feeling very summery, then later on, they got covered in ketchupy stains from EJ’s grubby little hands. It’s a schizophrenic existence!


I have been enjoying Gekko (Overdrive) by Oliver Heldens and Becky Hill. I have to say I’m loving all the collaborative choices Becky Hill has been making and it’s nice to see a former talent show contestent come out of that process and do something a bit different. This is the kind of music that I love and it’s had me pondering on what is age appropriate and whether I should care. I’m sure my parents were listening to classical by the time they were my age but I don’t understand how your tastes are supposed to change overnight. Any thoughts?


This week I ended up making two more batches of the wheat-free banana oat muffins that I tried out last week as they went down a bit of a storm with the children (unexpectedly!). On Saturday I got the Girl (who was staying over with us) to help me and then on Monday after preschool JJ wanted to have a go (they’d all been eaten by that point) but I was winging it by then and forgot to add the yogurt which made them a little bit smaller and drier (still edible though!).

I also made another filling soup which was probably the easiest soup ever. I poured boiling water over sliced courgette, peas and fresh spinach then added some cooked rice and chicken and that was it. The magic ingredient is adding a swirl of fresh pesto on top before you eat it – really lovely!

Then there was this:

Slow cooked balsamic pork

Another stupidly easy but really delicious recipe – pork tenderloin in a slow cooker with a crushed garlic clove, some soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and honey (supposedly Worcestershire Sauce too but I didn’t have any of that).

I’m also stupidly pleased with myself for creating this little bunting birthday cake topper for the circus-themed cake I plan to bake:

bunting cake topper


I have to share this brilliant bit of advertising (It’s smarter to travel in groups and here’s why…):

Happy Friday Little Loves!

26 thoughts on “Love the Little Things Week 9

  1. Sounds like a very productive week Sam, no wonder you haven’t had time to read! Party prep sounds like it’s coming along nicely. I’m super impressed with JJ’s 5k, amazing effort 🙂 Glad you’re continuing to enjoying new simple recipes, they really are the best. Happy Friday xx

    • JJ did do amazingly didn’t he? 🙂 Apparently there were ‘some tears and a bit of walking’ during the 40 minute run! My simple recipe discoveries are great. Its always good to have a few up your sleeve when you are a bit time-poor, isn’t it? Happy Friday my love X

  2. Great post Sam! I too love Becky Hill, her voice is just so different.
    You cannot beat Pinterest to help with party planning, the cake topper looks fab.
    Have a lovely weekend! x

  3. I don’t eat pork {I dont like the texture}, but that looks amazing! Your cake topper bunting is so sweet and well done you!

    • I used to hate the texture of pork too but I know now its because my Nana used to cook it until it was the consistency of an old boot! The cake topper was surprisingly easy to make (I just had to go out and buy a giant needle to thread the string through 🙂 ) X

  4. hahha The music video made me laugh. I don’t think our taste change I think it’s just what we like no age appropriate matters. Mr P has always liked classical and old music since he was young so I think he will probably just listen to it now and seem appropriate but the love for it has always been there where I will love pop until I am 80. lol Way to go you on the birthday cake topper for the circus that’s awesome. I still haven’t come up with buba’s birthday ideas yet. Have a few things in mine but still need to get with it. Lovely #littleloves

    • Aw thanks Jenny! It is a hilarious music video isn’t it? Really silly! So glad to hear your opinion on ‘age-appropriate’ music tastes too, put my mind at rest and I think you’re right too because I believe my dad did start listening to classical at a very young age and sometimes now he’ll put on a mix-tape type ipod thingy (how techy of me!) with stuff he likes from mine and my sister’s music collections (always weirds me out when he suddenly gets a taste for something like Mel C (ex-of the Spice Girls fame)! I love my cake topper and it was nice and easy too. Reminded myself that I actually do love a bit of crafting (just not with the children – bad Mummy!!) I’m already starting to panic about planning JJ’s party for September now but I know that he’ll be happy as long as there’s a bouncy castle with a slide 🙂 X

  5. Such sweet littleloves this week Sam! I adore your cake bunting – so cute! It will look fab on a circus cake. Your little boy is adorable – i’m sure you were really proud of his run and his graduation. Bless! Have a lovely weekend poppet xx

    • Ah thanks Em! I am so proud of JJ, he is a sweetheart (if somewhat high maintenance 🙂 ). Loving my circus theme – so much fun coming up with all the ideas! Have a fab weekend too my love X

  6. Love your list! The pork recipe on the slow cooker sounds yum! You must share the recipe! I also love the cake topper you made! I bet its going to look great atop that delicious bday cake!

    Happy weekend!

  7. I love pinterest and your cake topper looks super, well done you! I planned Lil G’s 3rd birthday party recently and took so much inspiration from pinterest. I hope you’re having a lovely weekend x

  8. wow! pork look ah-maze-ing!! and I love that advert- very cute hahaha. Thanks for posting on my blog by the way, nice to meet you! #brilliantblogposts

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