The B&W Photography Project: Boy on a scooter

Scooter fun

When I heard about the Black and White Photography Project over at Podcast Dove it prompted me to figure out how to set my camera to take black and white photographs. I was over at my parents’ with the boys and it was a very bright sunny day. The boys have both been given a scooter each for their upcoming birthdays and decided to give them a bit of a whirl in the courtyard garden. I have to admit I got completely carried away with experimentation – before I started outside I had taken about half a dozen ‘studies’ of little aspects of my parents’ home and then, once the boys got going, I followed them around, made it into a game and snapped away as they whizzed about, attempting not to become a victim of a hit and run!

This was one of the favourites I took in black and white because there are some strong dark and light elements here and I love the vivid shadow and the black lines of the paving slabs. There is a sense of motion and fun here. I know it’s completely amateur but I hope it shows some potential!

8 thoughts on “The B&W Photography Project: Boy on a scooter

  1. Great! Looks like he’s having lots of fun – and the black and white nature really focuses on the subject with less distraction from colour. Loving this new link up 🙂

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