Love the Little Things Week 10


I wish I could say that I’d had my head buried in a good book this week but unfortunately that is not the case. However I have had something lovely to read in the shape of JJ’s pre-school ‘transition to school’ report. According to this he is very sociable, not afraid to approach either other children or adults and initiate a conversation, and his favourite imaginative game (unbeknownst to me) is ‘Travel Agents’! I already know that he is capable of getting dressed and undressed unaided, going to the loo, etc. Essentially he is totally ready for the transition to school (we’re lucky because he turns 5 in September). Momentous events!



I was excited to discover that a second series of the cult classic ‘Utopia’ is being aired on Channel 4 (I’m already a week behind!). Finally, something on telly which credits it’s viewers with a brain whilst at the same time entertaining and shocking in equal measure. For the uninitiated (you need to watch the first series on catch up) it is essentially a conspiracy thriller which kicks in in Series 1 with three young people coming together through their love of cult comics and finding themselves suddenly unplugged from their day to day lives and on the run from a shadowy organisation known as ‘The Network’. To say any more would be a spoiler but it’s fabulously written and directed – think Tarantino – and I love the fact that the writer has, in the first episode of Series 2, tied in real life events from the 70s and even fictionalised a real event – to me, that’s clever and engaging writing. I warn you though, if you love rabbits and are easily upset, this may not be for you! 😉 Apparently this has been picked up by the Americans and is going to be re-made for the US by David Fincher (director of S7even and Fight Club) and written by Gone Girl writer Gillian Flynn – that shows just how good it is!


I’ve been on the lookout for a ‘statement’ necklace for a while having been suitably impressed by several Little Loves posts. Up to now I’ve mostly stuck to classic dainty silver chains with pretty, but unassuming charms and gemstones. But I like the big difference a statement piece can make to a simple outfit and I think it’s worth spending a bit of money on some nice ones and saving money on clothes by sticking to plain tees and tops.

new necklace

When I saw this one (M&S!) I was intrigued. I’m normally drawn to circles for some reason, and not straight lines, so I had to force myself to pick this up initially (I liked it for being so colourful). As soon as I held it up to myself I knew it was ‘the one’. It has an Aztec-y feel to it and I love the way the gold pieces at the bottom of each strand flash when they catch the light.


I’ve had this song ‘Changes’ stuck in my head ever since hearing it during the World Cup – never heard of Faul or WAD AD or Pnau before but it’s such a catchy tune and it’s a great one to have as background music – which I guess is why it was chosen as the official song of the FIFA World Cup…


I didn’t have much free time for cooking this week but the circus party prep has been rolling on and I was very pleased with myself for designing and creating this little beauty from scratch:

Lion ball toss 2

It’s a Lion ball toss game – essentially you just have to see how many plastic balls (the ball pit variety) you can chuck in! I was going to put together a pass the parcel but seriously? What is that all about other than sucking up time and energy with endless shopping for the right prize, all the little token prizes in each layer and then wrapping the equivalent of about 15 presents?? Why do people do this??! Instead I have this lion game, I’ve shamelessly bought a parachute for some more fun activities, EJ has a circus big top tent as a pressie which will be taken along and I’ve got a ‘pin the nose on the clown’ too. Other than that they will have to entertain themselves and make do with party bag goodies!

I also knocked up a few of these:


They are probably going to be absolutely destroyed by pre-schoolers in a matter of seconds but I’ve had fun making them and hopefully we might be able to catch a cheeky fun picture or two!


I finally got the chance to visit my lovely cousin and her 6 week old baby this week! I have to admit, despite having two of my own, I’m not really a ‘little baby’ person – they tend to smell the fear on me and scream the second I come near them… On this occasion it was different – I don’t know if I’m more of an old hand having two, or if I just felt more comfortable as he is a member of my family but I loved having a cuddle with him and he even fell asleep on me (! Unheard of – even my own children never did that 🙂 ).

mother and child

Happy Friday Little Loves!



17 thoughts on “Love the Little Things Week 10

  1. Love the ball toss game. I lose the will to live during pass the parcel. I tired and failed with utopia. I feel I’m missing out but it just didn’t click with me. Have a good weekend! Emma x

    • Thanks Emma. I have to admit that my head was reeling a bit after episode 1, Series 2 – with no re-cap and such a lot going on it was hard to keep up! I do like the stylistic nature of it though and, although I’m not into hyper-violence I do think the threat of torture going on here keeps the tension racked up!! Have a great weekend my love X

  2. Nice necklace – and it must to co-ordinate with almost everything your wardrobe.

    It’s good to experiment with a different look – from dainty to bold. Both are good. Just different!

    • Yes but now I’m starting to panic a bit as there’s only a week to go and I haven’t yet thought through the essentials like what I’m going to give them to eat!! I’m really loving statement necklaces right now! X

      • Keep it simple honey. Hot dogs, pizza, popcorn, chips, bread sticks, cucumber, carrot sticks, garlic bread, they really do not need a lot of food. I did the above for George’s party and they still didn’t eat it all. x

  3. That statement necklace is a great find! It will also look great in the winter with a black turtleneck… might pop in to M&S 🙂 That lion ball toss game looks great. I would never have thought of making that for a party. Pinning now on my party board so I can remember to do something similar for Jumpy’s party in October. x

    • Ah, thanks Mel – I really loved making the game and it was pretty easy! I think it will easily get a bit battered though if we’re not careful! I have to admit I don’t really do turtlenecks – I don’t think anything with a high neckline suits my body type (just makes me look like I have a tiny head and massive boobs :-/ ) but I’m sure it would look fab on you! X

  4. Well done on your making hon, sounds like plans are coming together and it’ll be one hell of a party 🙂 thanks for mentioning Utopia, I loved series one and am now going to start series two on 4od. Wonder if the Americans are going to turn it into a film? You hit the nail on the head when you said it credits it’s viewers with a brain xx

    • Oooh! I’m so glad someone has finally picked up on Utopia! I put a comment on Facebook saying “Utopia: discuss” and all I got was silly stuff (half of it from the hubster who hasn’t even heard of the series – this is the thing about watching everything online – we are in our own separate media zones even when we’re in the same room!!). I’d love to discuss it later on when you’ve watched the first couple of episodes…

  5. Fab necklace, I’ve never been much of a jewellery fan (unless you count my Mr T gold phase as a teenager) but am really getting into statement necklaces. I’m constantly on the look out for them!xxx

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