16 thoughts on “Silent Sunday 27.07.14

    • I did Mel! Unfortunately I now know that the black gel food dye used for the eyes will never dry or set so nearly all the eyes ended up smudged and some of the hats got knocked off too. Oh well, you learn from your mistakes!!

      • My favourite was the non-tessellating Minecraft cake. But the page made me double appreciative of your pretty cake – some of these Pinterest type things can be a lot harder than they look. Rainbow cake is my best example – it doesn’t work with normal supermarket food colouring, I can tell you from experience!

    • Thanks Jo! I had fun making them – unfortunately they didn’t look so great once I tried to transport 23 of them and realised the black food dye I used for the eyes doesn’t dry and harden up!! Some of them looked quite scary (and no one likes a scary clown!!) X

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