6 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesdays 13.08.14

  1. Ha! Nothing that a hose cannot solve! Isn’t that wipes on the left hand side? Today we had one of these moments… We had a code brown on the ferry and I realised I had three wipes, yes, 3 wipes (and a toddler to change after the baby). Much sweat was involved (and paper towels!). x

  2. ARGH! This would have made me weep. I think I would have had to chuck him in the sink or something?!!! You know my love of baby wipes. I have to have two packs near me at any time. Fab shot! Thanks for linking up and I hope to see you next week? I am in the middle of nowhere with no reception but #wickedwednesdays will still be going on! See you then xxx PS sorry for my linky thingy being weird. God knows what happened! x

  3. This photo will be one of the ones you treasure in years to come! It will be a funny story to share with your son and great blackmail for future girlfriends, etc. So cute! 🙂

    • Ah thanks Marie – it was really funny to be honest – a kind man gave us about 2 dried out wipes from the end of his packet, my mum had some dried out (non baby) wet wipes and we ended up just dunking him in the sea!! 🙂

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