Love the Little Things Aug 15th 2014


one step too far

One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis. As I was there for nearly 2 and a half hours I made fab progress on the book and I’m now about halfway through (I’m a slow reader OK?!). It’s one of those stories which compel you onwards as you know from the very beginning that something catastrophic happened to the protagonist to set her off on the course she is taking but you don’t know what it was. Having said that it can be frustrating but I’m having fun second guessing it!


Utopia image

The last episode of Utopia Series 2! I absolutely loved this series – the acting was fabulous, the visual style is inspired and the story is so compelling because actually, it’s hard not to agree that the planet’s over-population issue and the exponential rate of growth of the world’s population are scary to contemplate (although the solution offered by the utterly immoral ‘Network’ is hardly the answer!). There are real heroes and baddies here but they fall into grey areas, morally and psychologically. The scene in which the sinister Terrence meets the mother of a young boy he chances upon at a coach station, and describes in great detail what a massive carbon footprint one human being leaves in their lifetime offering to cut her son’s throat to save her the guilt is both chilling and thought-provoking. I highly recommend this series!


The one thing I remember hearing most clearly lately was my 15 year old niece and her own beautiful version of the song Sugar Man by 60s American Folk musician Sixto Rodriguez. I looked it up because I’d never heard of it and listened to the original on You Tube but her version is better! In finding out about Sugar Man I also stumbled upon some great reviews for the movie ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ which is essentially a documentary movie (which won an Oscar I believe) following the journey of two Rodriguez fans who were desperate to know whatever happened to their idol after he was rumoured to have committed suicide before disappearing for a couple of decades… I’ll definitely be adding that one to my LoveFilm waiting list! I’ll also be badgering my niece to put her version of Sugar Man up on You Tube!


Back into work clothes again this week after my holiday to Devon. With the temperatures dropping slightly it’s been long trousers and cardies – #feelslikeautumn


Some serious decisions and had some very all-consuming thoughts.

And lastly…

Although I had a great time in Devon last week with my family, it has been nice to get the children back into some sort of home life routine this week – I have to say I still find it hard work, both physically and emotionally, to be with them 24/7 with no escape to work at any time! My family were wonderful and my mum and sister even took them off on a bus/train odyssey one day so that I could have a bit of a birthday treat one day but the morning and evening meltdowns were a little relentless and EJ’s naps were sporadic. We are looking forward to finally seeing some of their friends later on after a few weeks of summer where everyone has been so busy!

Happy Friday Little Loves!



9 thoughts on “Love the Little Things Aug 15th 2014

  1. I’m loving Utopia too, looking forward to catching up on the last episode!

    Your hols sounded mixed hon…hope your life changing decisions were positive ones! Hugs xxx

    • Oh sorry I hope I didn’t spoil the last episode for you at all! It really has been a great series (well two series’!). Holidays were great for the most part, I’ve had an emotional week since though which I can’t blog about. Fortunately I have got some great friends IRL though who have been really supportive. X

  2. Book looks really good! Holiday sounds fun,although I get what it’s like 24/7! Going back to work just two days a week will keep me sane! It’s the constant whinging that would tip one over the edge! Chin up!
    Have a lovely weekend xx

    • Oh yes, 2.5 days a week a work (plus one day where I’m lucky enough to have the day off and the children at school/childminder) definitely keeps me sane! Whinging and the constant refrain of ‘mummy?’, ‘mummy?’ ‘mummy?’ Aargh!! 😉 Have a great weekend too X

  3. The book sounds like my kind of book. I still haven’t opened one since I started blogging. i think I need to go buy some so I have the guilt of spending the money to force me to pull away and read a good book. Lovely #littleloves I am hosting next week while Morgana is away so I hope to see you there.

    • I’ve nearly finished the book now Jenny – and I do recommend it – even though I knew there was going to be a twist I never guessed at it anywhere close! Go you guest hosting! As if you don’t manage enough already – don’t know how you do it!! Have a great weekend and lots of fun in Seattle Xxx

  4. I’m really disappointed I haven’t got into Utopia, it looks great but I kept forgetting it was on. It’s definitely very Autumnal at the minute, the jumpers and cardis are starting to make a reappearance! x

  5. Oooo, a new series to watch!??! I shall give Utopia a go! I agree, the summer nights are fading and the evenings certainly bring a chill to the air.. Boo Hiss!

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