Word of the Week: Non-Stop!!


Anyone who read my Week so far… post on Tuesday will know that I was on track for a busy one! What with outings and sightseeing and shopping it was a rest to go back to work on Wednesday! As I mentioned before the hubster has the week off so he is getting more than his share of munchkin time and as I write this they are currently somewhere down in the New Forest for the day with my father in law and the girl. We were thinking of taking them down to Brighton for the day on Friday but I don’t think the hubster is up to another long car journey so we’ll probably stay local and let them recuperate!

My thoughts have been going non-stop lately too. It has been very difficult to maintain the usual routines including the kind of pattern of blogging I’ve fallen into. I find that as soon as I let one thing go I’m drifting a bit rootlessly, making the odd stab at normality but still watching others thrive and go from strength to strength while I feel like I’ve completely lost my focus and my objective. I want to be in the thick of the blogging community but it’s hard to do when something external comes along to burst your bubble.

Some dust needs to settle in my life right now. Maybe everything will always feel outside of the norm at this time of year because of the school holidays too. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take me too long to feel like I’m back on the bus and not just clinging onto the side as it whizzes along!


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20 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Non-Stop!!

  1. Oh hon it sounds like you are really struggling at the mo. Maybe you just need a break from blogging to figure it all out? We’ll miss you but will all be here when you’re in a better place… or you could set up another completely anonymous blog just to get it all off your chest… or you could just tell me to bugger off 😉

    hugest hugs to you, hope you have a lovely weekend xxxx #WotW

    • This erratic pattern of blogging has kind of been my ‘blogging break’ – maybe I’ve done more than I thought I did! I seem to have less time to comfortably sit and write now and I don’t know if it will be worse once JJ starts school…. An anon blog would be great but I would be paranoid! Plus my thoughts fluctuate from day to day on certain subjects… I guess I’ll just continue to do what I can when I can and see if it feels like enough. X

    • Difficult to stay away for long isn’t it Merlinda? I get the feeling that your external factors may have been similar to mine (except the home-sickness bit – that must be very hard) – when you can’t switch off your thoughts about something that’s not working in your life it’s hard to concentrate on blogging because it seems too inconsequential in comparison, but really? It’s such a huge part of our lives now we can’t stay away… X

  2. I do think it’s a funny time of year, so yes, let the dust settle and then look at where you want to be and getting back into the swing of things. Hope you get a little more relaxation time soon! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  3. ‘Tis the season for craziness I think. I hope peace reigns eventually. And that your hubbie having father son time gives you space to breathe, I gave up on blogging because it had become too much but have come back because I miss it BUT I have rethought and refocused. Not sure where blogging comes in to your craziness but just do what works for you is all I can suggest. Emma x

    • Good advice Emma. I think I had big ambitions which I was going to roll out *at some unspecified point* and in the meantime I feel like other people have begun to unveil a master plan for their own blogs which is awesome for them but for me… I just think life is getting in the way a bit lately and the blog is on the back burner a little bit…

      • But if you didn’t have a life what would you blog about? I really like your blog and how you write. I think you’ve written some very honest posts. I know what you mean about other people seeming to be moving forward with their blogs. It was one of the things that made me pause. I was worried I was “keeping up with the jones”.

      • Thanks for the compliment Emma. I can only be honest really – I don’t like reading blogs that seem a bit ‘fake’ or airbrushed and I would never project that myself. You do get a bit sucked into the comparison game inevitably but its good to remember that when we started out (well, I speak for myself anyway) all I wanted was an outlet to write and post whatever I fancied and that’s still at the heart of it…

    • Ah that’s very sweet of you to say Heledd! It took me a long time to get it looking half decent and it’s still a work in progress. I just popped over to your site and I’m always so impressed when I see a new blogger who manages to start off with an attractive, well thought out design because mine was just cobbled together at that stage! Hope to see you around the blogosphere and welcome! 🙂 X

  4. Non-stop sounds a familar tale – it’s hard not to get a bit lost in a constant whirl of activity. Know how you feel about blogging as well. I’ve had to take mini breaks from time to time and then try and remember what it was that made me really want to start blogging in the first place – what’s important to you and on your agenda.

    • So true. I feel like some people have really known that they were going to stop for the summer and made a dramatic announcement to that effect, whereas myself, and it would seem a few others, have just drifted into a pattern of blogging less and more sporadically. I guess it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day – this blog isn’t monetised and it’s not my business – it’s a space for me which I love but there are other things (and people!) that I also love and who need my attention so it’s a constant balancing act…

  5. The time will come to act with gusto soon enough and for now baby steps will do and sometimes just thinking and reflecting is good enough and quite powerful too. All the best – empathised with that feeling of drifting although did try to change that this week myself with great results. It is tough though so ease up on yourself

    • Thanks for this Kate. I keep telling myself that the time will come but sometimes it feels a bit like ‘mañana, mañana’!! I guess the thing about blogging is that you are your own boss and you have control – whether you want (and feel capable of) setting up relationships with brands, reviewing, setting up linkies or just chilling and writing the odd funny entry to keep your hand in as it were…

  6. I’ve found the summer really tough, there’s been so much going on and I have blogged far less, really just managing to do #ThePrompt and photo linkies with the odd other post thrown in when I’ve had five minutes, or something I’ve really wanted to write about at the time, before I forget it all! The summer is quiet for everyone, take your time getting back into the swing of things. In all honesty, having a break forced on me has been good, I’ve seen that I don’t need to blog quite as much as I was to still enjoy it and feel part of things. I am however looking forward to the boys being back at school and normality returning so that I can plan what I want to do next! #WotW

    • I’m glad to know that I’m not alone in feeling like this although I’ve had some additional, emotional issues to deal with as well but things are getting a bit more on track now so hopefully the whole thing will pick up throughout the Autumn. X

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