Memories of summer…

JJ with newborn EJ

JJ and EJ summer 2013

JJ and EJ summer 2014

If I look back into the dim and distant past, prompted by thoughts of summer, the images that pop into my head are generally sun bleached childhood holidays, building ‘nests’ out of dried cut grass on the school playing fields and that feeling of freedom that always came with the school/college/university holidays. I also have a summer birthday which was shared with my aunt and my grandma and so it was always a family affair with early August garden parties and a general air of celebration.

Summer always seems to be a time of happiness and contentment, fun and laughter, which is interesting because it isn’t always the happiest of times. In recent weeks I have had some very negative and worrying thoughts and feelings but you can guarantee that, years later, I will only remember the good bits.

At the height of summer 2012 EJ was born. The birth and those first few weeks will forever be a time of mixed memories – the euphoria of the birth, the relief that he was clearly going to be an easier baby than JJ had been and that we formed an instant bond, combined with a lot of issues surrounding the amount of time away from home that the hubster had signed up for with the advent of the 2012 Olympics.

With growing children, each summer changes so radically year on year as 12 months of early years development is such a huge leap. I have gone from nursing an infant throughout the night in 2012, to the relative calm (before the storm!) of a one year old taking his first wobbly steps, to the full on experience of having a walking, running, climbing, talking, brotherly-interacting two year old. Life has become both easier in some ways and harder in others.

Summertime, long days and sunny weather allow for children to do so much more and experience so much more of the world. Now that JJ is about to start school I also feel the pressure is on to provide opportunities for even better, more exciting memory-making experiences during the holiday periods.

From this point onwards summer memories are no longer about my happiness but that of my children.

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12 thoughts on “Memories of summer…

  1. It’s rather poignant how you’ve closed this post Sam. From the second my 5yo came along – incidentally the peak of ’09, possibly the hottest summer of the noughties – it’s all been about her happiness… i think part and parcel of being a mum (for me anyway) is putting my wants and needs aside. I’m happy for it to be this way though. I had 30 years of living before she and her siblings came along 🙂 #ThePrompt

  2. This is so true – I have done a whole host of things I would rather not have done this summer but for the happiness of my little ones. Sorry to hear about your sad thoughts? Hope you’re ok? xxxxx

  3. That last line is so true, but then I guess that applies to a lot now doesn’t it. But there i definitely feel pressure to make summers exciting, to be around more by the time h is at school etc! Xxx

    • Yes – it’s hard to figure it all out when you work. Not so bad if there are no restrictions on when you take leave but my work has a ‘no more than two people off on any team at a time’ rule which can be a real PITA sometimes – particularly during the hols 😦 Xxx

  4. You are so right, and summers do take on a new meaning once kids are in school. They are suddenly a defined period to make the most of… No pressure there! Lovely post and lovely to look back at how our summers change. Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x
    PS. Hope you’re okay lovely xxx

  5. My elder two are both summer babies so summer for us is full of celebrations too! I think you’re right that summer is about creating happy memories for kids but we do tend to put ourselves under a lot of pressure to create amazing experiences for them. they’re happy doing the simplest of things. My boys’ favourite memory from last summer is digging a hole in the garden! #theprompt

  6. Lovely post. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how different summer will be next year – reflecting on the last few months has had me shaking my head in disbelief about how much Arthur has changed! Focusing in on his world and his enjoyment is proving strangely liberating – I love how it’s making me look with fresh eyes at things I’d come to take for granted, and teaching me to really relish the moment rather than get caught up with elaborate summer plans! #theprompt

  7. Holidays are hard work for any parent without putting more pressure on yourself. You remember the good bits and they will too (I’m telling myself this as well – summer here was full of “I’m bored” and “we never do anything”!)
    I could really picture the summer days your described in your memories. X

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