Word of the Week: last-minute


This week myself and the munchkins were meant to be going up to Suffolk to visit my great friend who we had been meaning to visit back at the beginning of June but had to postpone due to the untimely onset of chicken pox. Unfortunately a number of factors came together this week which meant that it would be impractical to visit once again and so I found myself cancelling two days of annual leave at work at the last minute and scratching my head over what to do instead on Monday and Tuesday (when our childminders would be on holiday). Fortuitously, my sister in law and nephews were in the area, having returned from their home of five years in Germany to move into a permanent home down in Wiltshire today.

My eldest nephew is ten – five years older than JJ, but the younger is just a couple of months older than EJ at two and it was our first proper chance to get them together now that they have flourished into little people in their own right and not just babies any more.

On Sunday we invited them all round to our house for a barbeque which went well until all four children piled onto our trampoline and we only realised that the zip on the safety net was undone when we heard a little head hitting the ground below! Cue the swiftest end to a barbeque ever as all of my in-laws rushed my little newphew to a&e just to be on the safe side! It transpired that he was fine which was a relief!

The following morning myself and my sister in law took the children swimming at the leisure pool, Spectrum, in Guildford and they had great fun on all the slides, before my mother and father in law took us all out for lunch. The second day it had been my (last-minute) plan to take the children to BirdWorld near Farnham, intending to cash in some Tesco Clubcard Vouchers, but hadn’t foreseen the absolutely torrential and relentless rain or the fact that you have to be a bit more organised than me to do the Clubcard thing as they send them through the post. In the end we spent the day hanging out with the family at the in-laws house with a brief foray to a local playground and Sainsburys for supplies. Not the most exciting day in the world but the main thing was that the children got to spend some quality time together and I appreciated the chance to get to know my sister in law a bit better – busy lives and far flung locations have meant that we haven’t spent much time together at all in recent years.

The second part of my week has seen a last minute delivery of my new iPhone 5c! It’s my first ever Apple product and I’m still getting to grips with it and trying to figure out how to do various things but I’ve got high hopes for what can be achieved and so excited to finally be able to get an Instagram profile and get more active on Twitter after two years stuck with an older generation Nokia Lumia Windows phone which allowed for nothing much more than email, web browsing and the usual music, phonecalls and texts.

Everything really has felt so unorganised in recent weeks, with schedules and meal plans and play dates all just thrown together randomly. I’m hoping that next week, with the advent of JJ’s first (half) week at big school and the return of our childminders things will start getting back to normal and I can get on top of a few neglected tasks.

Have a great weekend WOTWers X

19 thoughts on “Word of the Week: last-minute

  1. Sounds like you’ve had some lovely family time Sam… thank goodness for trampolines they’re always a winner! Enjoy your last few days before school πŸ™‚ #WotW

  2. Aww glad to hear your nephew was ok after his fall, ouch!! Apart from that it sounds lovely that the kids and you git to know your relatives a bit better. Shame you didn’t get to see your friend again but sounds like you made the best of it! πŸ™‚ xx

    • Thanks Caroline – I think fate has conspired to keep me and my friend apart this year. We have said that next Easter Hols will probably be best now!! There is no guarantee that her kids will ever be there though as their dad could ask to have them at any time 😦 Was nice to spend some time with the in-laws though! X

  3. Last-minute ended up working out pretty well for you, though. Nice to get time for the cousins and for you and your sister-in-law to get better acquainted. That iPhone is going to change (and possibly take over!) you life…..;-) Thanks for sharing with #WotW and I hope next week goes well for JJ x

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