How to shine

Choose to shine

Over at Mum turned Mom HQ this week, Sara has gone for a word as this week’s Prompt: Shine. I didn’t immediately know what to say about this and wasn’t going to enter the link up this week, but I find myself with a little time on my hands and started contemplating what ‘shine’ means to me.

The dictionary tells me that to shine is to emit light, to glint or glisten, to excel or to be immediately apparent. When I think about what it takes to shine, as a person, it takes confidence, it takes a happy, outgoing spirit who is not afraid to put his or herself on the line, and, to be more philosophical, it takes a person who can accept that they have a light inside them which can be directed out into the world, to counteract the darkness.

It’s not easy to shine or to feel like you are capable of it. It takes a lot of encouragement and championing but maybe some people are just born to project themselves and their light into the world from an early age (natural born confidence?).

It might be easy to shine if you are born with an innate talent, an innate beauty – but for the rest of us plebs here on Earth it takes a bit of practice. As a mother, how do you shine when every day seems to be about cooking and laundry and school runs and work? You challenge yourself, you shine through your actions, you attempt to bring a little light, however small, into the lives of others.

At the beginning of the year I spent a lot of time thinking about ‘random acts of kindness’. I even contemplated starting up a linky all about encouraging others to both do and share their own RAOK. I read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and was very taken by the notion of happiness coming through giving of yourself, and now I’m reading a book she recommends A Landing on the Sun by Michael Frayn and the concept of ‘happiness’ is once again in the forefront of my mind (and I’m not missing the parallel here of the Sun – a metaphor for happiness, and the one word which we most associate with the descriptive ‘shine’).

So go forth and emit your light, people! I know you can do it.



12 thoughts on “How to shine

  1. Love that, Mum turned Mom HQ 🙂 I think you’re right, it can be hard to shine and we do need support and encouragement from others. And, yes, we shine through our actions and I love that you have linked being ‘shiny’ to being happy, so true x Thanks so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

    • Ha ha! Absolutely I always think there’s not enough opportunity to wear fancy dress as an adult – if I had my way I’d be down sainsburys dressed up as a pirate or Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz (I’ve already got the shoes 😉 ) X

  2. I think you’re right to equate shininess with happiness. Really if that’s how we can shine then it doesn’t matter how knackered we look on the school run or that we’re not the worlds best sprinter, an outstanding mathematician, amazing artist or catwalk stunner. If we can be happy we have an inner glow that spreads to everyone. #theprompt

    • Thanks Maddy – I think maybe this is the point that is so easily missed – when we ‘shine’ in the traditional sense of the word, how does it make us feel? Because that feeling is the end result and that’s all that matters however it is achieved.

  3. It’s so true Sam, that the sunshine totally changes how people feel about themeselves, and therefore others. And have you noticed that if all the word is pronounced correctly, you actually find it very difficult not to smile as a result? 😉 #ThePrompt

  4. A great post Sam. I agree that when you’re a mum doing school runs, cooking dinner and doing laundry it can be very difficult to find that light. Why not think of it this way… By doing the school run you are making sure your children learn and become better equipped to deal with the world. By cooking dinner you are ensuring your children (and partner) are healthy. And by doing the laundry you are giving them the ability to present themselves. They don’t need to worry about anything because you do it all for them, they can concentrate on being themselves. There’s a light there – and it’s growing. 😉

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