Word of the Week: Inconsistent


In the last week and a half I have had the opportunity to meet up with two lovely new friends I’ve made through blogging – Elfa from Californian Mum in London (who invited me along to a fab beauty promo event at John Lewis) and Hannah from First Time Mummy who lives ten minutes from me and invited me over for tea and a chat. Talking to other bloggers has made me realise that I’m ready to stretch myself a bit more – I’m ready to go self-hosted, make a bit more of an effort with promotion and appearance (which is not to say that I’m not still a little bit in love with the Wizard of Oz header that I designed and Helen from Ellie Illustrates created months and months ago now), and potentially take on a few review gigs.

The problem I have right now, though, is time. Just as I’m thinking all these thoughts, I find myself in a position which, for reasons I can’t really go into, the time to blog is just not there. And by ‘blog’ I mean not just write, but have the headspace to get inspired.

I’m also starting to wonder if the things I choose to blog about aren’t just a bit too eclectic. On the one hand I love to attempt light-hearted, amusing posts with a soupçon of wit; on the other hand I yearn for the opportunity to test my writing skills with – well, not exactly hard-hitting journalism, but something a little bit more meaningful which might, some day allow me to cross the divide between amateur and professional writer.

At the same time I take note that the blogs which seem to remain consistently popular do tend to have a niche and stick to it (Eeh Bah Mum for example – although she does occasionally branch into recipe posts; and Mummy Daddy Me who focuses on the beautiful photo story of her little family and sticks with straight up, consistent musings of a wife and mum).

On the other hand, within a week I have swung from a ‘funny’ (silly) post about my love/hate relationship with Cbeebies (which, by the way, I had great fun writing) and an examination of what ‘feminism’ means in 2014. I might also throw in a recipe or a photo-post.

As a personal blogger this is no biggie, you can write what you want, when you want, but the second you begin to think of your blog as a ‘brand’ it feels as though you need to pick an audience and stick to it or risk alienating one reader or another at any given moment. I’d love to know other peoples’ thoughts on this…


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26 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Inconsistent

  1. Do it Sam! Yes it does mean your head is constantly full to the brim of ‘blogmin’ to do and (for me anyway), there are days I have to reconcile myself that actually that post I haven’t managed to scheduled isn’t going bring my blogging world crashing down and out of the blogosphere forever! For me, as I nurture my little space of the blogging world into something to be proud and passionate about, I am also planning on going self-hosted in the next few months. I’ve done it with my other blog and am surprised how straight forward it was and is. I love the freedom I have on Virtually All Sorts. It makes me all the more committed… People say before you have children “it’s the best thing you’ll ever do, have children”. My advice is that self-hosted is the best thing you’ll ever do. Sorry about the word count 😉 #wotw

    • No worries on the word count Carol 🙂 I’m really looking forward to going self-hosted now. I am only just becoming aware of all the limitations of being on the free WordPress. I feel like there is a big blogging pie out there and I’m missing out on my slice but I’m getting a lot more hungry for it now! Now I just want to find a time when I have a decent amount of time and headspace to do it, fix any glitches, have a play with the widgets and just get it right – it would be such a shame to rush and muck it all up! X

  2. Your niche is you-I’ve thought about this often too. But I don’t like writing about just one thing and you have to be true to yourself otherwise writing every week let alone everyday becomes a chore. If you give yourself a little time, you’ll find the right headspace to move forward and go for it x

    • Thanks for the comment Iona! I’m glad to hear a few people say this because I’d hate to try and suppress one set of thoughts and feelings because I was trying too hard to embody an image I’d kind of created of being a certain kind of person. (If that makes sense!) X

  3. I know that feeling. My advice would be don’t worry. I’ve spent an age trying to figure out what my niche is, but to be honest, in the end it’s your voice, so just write about whatever and let your own voice shine through. In the end I think it’s better than trying to stick to something and holding back on other things. If by doing this you find there is something that you write about better than anything else then maybe it’s time to start a new blog on that subject. It’s not all about rankings though, just be yourself and enjoy.

    • Yes, I guess it’s true we can’t all be so single-stringed. And to be fair, although I enjoy blogs that are like a non-stop stand up routine (Raising Edgar for example!), I also find blogs which run the gamut – from humour to straight talking emotional tear-jerkers, very compelling too. You just get a feel for someone’s personality and whether or not you would just click with them in real life I think…

  4. Well, you can probably guess what I’d say, given the variety I write about! I write whatever I fancy writing about, and as Anne says I think it’s your voice that makes it your niche. I do like to have a few themes that I stick with, more for me than anything else. It is tough to find the time, though, as much for the thinking as much as the writing. Best of luck with it, as I know you’ll be fabulous x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    • I know you love your garden and your stationery Jocelyn! 🙂 You have a very consistent tone with everything you write about though I find – so it’s not so much the content as the tone. I wonder if people find that I have a consistent tone? Be interesting to know…

  5. I’d say it’s about staying true to your voice rather than having a niche. That way, you can always write about what interests you, what moves you, what motivates and inspires you and you will always be you. The trouble with a niche is you can grow out of it and move on, but you’ll never grow out of being you. xx #WotW

  6. Since March this year I started into getting really into blogging. My goals were set and I have reach some of them. But I still have to work on a lot. So I need to give blogging more time. Lately tho like you I am finding it hard to give find a space for it in my schedule. I am looking up to people who finds time to blog, get those sponsors and still be an awesome parents. I wish that someday I can find how to balance these things. #wotw

  7. Definitely agree with the comments about staying true to you and your voice – I’m also about to make the leap to self-hosted (have the domain name ready, just need to start building the site and design now). I’ve worried too about not having a ‘niche’ as such but I think the constraint will make it more difficult for me to express myself through my writing. Good luck with going self-hosted! x

  8. I agree with everyone else! I don’t think that it’s necessary to have a specific niche, but then I would say that as I blog about lots of different things 🙂 I think the important thing is voice and style, and finding your own. I’ve tied myself in knots sometimes worrying that I should be doing things differently, but when I write, it just comes out the way it does! And you do have your own style, which I love, and it is consistent. As for going self-hosted, just do it, it’s really straightforward and I’d also say, just go for it, you can tinker later, getting your basic theme up and running is easy as are the two or three widgets that you really need 🙂

    • Lovely to read this Sara! It’s hard to judge sometimes whether you do have any talent unless someone comes out and specifically tells you so! (I’m going to assume that’s what you were telling me 😉 ) At any rate it’s nice to read that you feel my style is consistent. I will definitely be going self hosted just as soon as I have the time to figure it out. I went back to your post about it from April and went back to TSO Host but things weren’t quite falling into place – then I realised that I was just trying to rush through it so I’m going to wait for the right time (I may be bombarding you with questions very soon!). X

  9. I like to read a variety of topics. Keeps it interesting and fresh! I think you should blog about whatever is on your mind because that’s where your passion will shine through!

  10. Lots to think about! My personal stance is that I write about the things I want to and I try not to take blogging too seriously. As for reviews, I only take them on if I believe in the products and brands. Time is precious and I won’t waste it writing about anything I don’t feel passionate about. Best of luck with it all lovely, I’ll be keen to hear what you decide to do xxx

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