Flat pack!

A few weeks ago the hubster suggested that it was probably time to move the boys out of their little beds (JJ’s toddler bed and EJ’s cot respectively) and straight into a full sized bunk bed. Because they share a room (and the fact that the toddler bed was already a bit broken) and the fact that there are space restrictions, it wasn’t going to be possible to transition EJ gently up to the next stage the same way as his brother had.

Despite the fact that all the official guidance says bunk beds aren’t suitable for children under six and ours are five and two (!) we knew that JJ would be fine on the top as he regularly sleeps on the top bunk at my parent’s house. We figured EJ would be OK on the bottom with JJ’s old bed guard on the side.

So, off we went to Dreams and put in our order for a Colarado! I said to the hubster at the time – do Dreams offer a Flat Pack building service similar to the option provided by Ikea? Unfortunately this is not the case. I’m sure their are handyman or independent businesses out there who probably do this but the hubster is not one for ‘unnecessary’ expense and refused to look into that option despite knowing full well from previous experience that he is not the world’s most laid back person when it comes to the Krypton Factor of flat pack! Hello, I thought, little marriage ‘make or break’ experience coming up right here.

So last Thursday the boxes were delivered and yesterday was our first day at home with both children out. D Day (or should I say FP Day?) Little did I realise when I got up with the children at 7.20 that it was going to be the start of a very, very long day!
After I’d dropped JJ off at school, EJ off at the childminder’s and picked up my shop from Tesco and both brought it home and put it all away the hubster appeared nonchalantly, had an unrushed breakfast and we even planned to go for a nice lunch at one of our favourite local canalside pubs. At some point sense kicked in and I suggested we make a start on the beds at about elevenish. We got the boxes open and after a brief panic about lack of instructions and fittings we discovered them at the bottom of the last box.The first thing I read was the suggested construction time: 2 and a half hours with two people. This seemed like a ridiculously long time – little did we know!

After a lot of fixing and fiddling and staring blankly at the instruction booklet we had managed to put the ladder together and one long joint into one of the beds and I looked at the clock: 12.35. The hubster said “you can forget about lunch”. True that, I thought as suddenly JJ’s 3.10 school pick up hove into view.

Around about 1.30 we had reached the point where the majority of the beds were together but we had done the whole thing using the Allen key provided as, despite owning a power drill, the hubster has managed to somehow lose it’s charger so comprehensively that even the previous evening’s house and shed overhaul had not turned up the slightest clue (although it had, to be fair, left me with some rather delightful clear surfaces in a kitchen which the hubster tends to see more as a place to dump random stuff – defunct batteries anyone? Broken sunglasses? 700 water bottles of varying age and size?). Unfortunately the next task involved drilling about forty screws in to fit the slats on each of the two beds and the hubster took one look at that task and shouted “I’m not bloody doing this without a power drill!”. That’s when the panic set in: JJ’s school pick up looming, no chance of finding that ruddy elusive charger, both starving hungry, bits of packing, cardboard, polystyrene, the old beds and mattresses cluttering up the hallway – none of this boded well! Oh, and let’s not forget that we hadn’t bought any bedding yet. I made a mercy dash to our next door neighbours’ but there was no reply. Next stop Homebase. We were pleasantly surprised by the relative affordability of a power drill but not so thrilled with the three and a half hour charge time. Nevertheless we speeded it home stuck it on to charge and then gave in to the situation and moseyed over to Tesco in search of duvets and sustenance.

To cut a long story short the beds were not finished by the time both boys were home. I took JJ to Argos for bed covers (which made us late for picking up EJ but that’s by the by) and when we arrived home I was dismayed to find that, despite all the slats being in, there was still packaging and bits of old bed everywhere, we still had to get the two beds mounted together, the side rails and ladder fitted to the top, the old bed guard adjusted to fit a bigger bed, and all the bedding on and the hubster had his feet up reading an email from What Car magazine by all accounts. Now imagine two exhausted adults, a tired and excited toddler who was like a kid in a candy store when he saw the amount of odd screws, lumps of wood and random scissors scattered across his bedroom floor!

Eventually, after much shouting, screaming, crying, hugging (and that was just me!) the job was finally, after nigh on six hours, done.
Et voila:

New bunkbeds!

And, by the way, despite my misgivings about the insanity that might ensue after lights out, both children went out like a happy little light and slept like logs (watch this space for the EJ top bunk climbing saga which will no doubt follow in the coming days!).


22 thoughts on “Flat pack!

  1. I LOVE this!! I actually love a bit of flat pack construction, but I’ve never done it against the clock knowing that my masterpiece must be ready for bedtime. My favourite part though was about the kitchen work surfaces. My fella is the same! Endless stacks of post he’ll never open, old batteries, loose change (despite the pot for it being right there on the windowsill), receipts, pens, keys. Argh!!

  2. Did you not even fall out with your husband whilst doing this?! We would have argued at the first hurdle – me saying we need those instructions and him saying that they aren’t necessary.

    • I’m absolutely stunned that we didn’t fall out over it Nicola! The hubster is renowned for having a short fuse – he handled it pretty well all things considered! He must be the opposite of yours though – the very first thing he said before we’d even got all the boxes open was “where are the instructions? I can’t do this without the instructions” – I think he was ready to make an angry phone call!

  3. Oh this sounds like my worst nightmare, i don’t do DIY or assembling of furniture at all! The end result looks super though, i bet the boys are pleased with their new beds! xxx #sharewithme

    • Thanks Vikki! I think it depends how good the instruction manual is really – there was a point when my heart just sank though and I thought – “what possessed us to think we could do this??” We did it though! X

  4. I can picture this scene perfectly! We’ve put together bunk beds and it took a very long time. Yours look great now that they’re done though and I’m sure you’re boys will love them!

  5. This is going on right now in the next room. My dad is trying to build some drawers whilst the 3 year old Z is excitedly trying to “help” 🙂 They look very pleased with the bunk beds though!! 🙂

    • Oh there’s nothing like the help of an enthusiastic toddler!! 🙂 They were very happy, although tonight EJ was unsettled by the change and wanted me to climb in with him for a while. It’s a big transition for such a little one… X

  6. Oh my god, sounds seriously traumatic to me! Glad you got there in the end and that the boys love it, but phew!! Stressful!! Xx

  7. Although it sounds like an ordeal hon, at least they both slept! Long may it continue!! Hubby and I were discussing new bunk beds at the weekend which we’re probably going to sell to the girls as their Xmas presents. Although the current arrangement are bunks involves 2yo’s bed being a cot and she’s quite ready to come out of it…we’re not though, she takes ages to fall asleep and I think she might be bit of a mischief maker given half the chance xxx

    • EJ was always quite secure in his cot and very good about going in and going down to sleep. Last night I think he was just tired and overwhelmed by all the excitement and went off to sleep in the bottom bunk no problem, but tonight (night two) he cried and didn’t want me to leave. I actually lay next to him and sang a lullaby. Eventually he agreed to let me go so I could have a shower promising to come back after. By which time he’d dropped off – success!! Good luck with your transition too. X

    • Wow I’m impressed with your five year old’s skills but Ikea do do very nice easy to construct furniture with lovely clear instructions! My husband freely admitted that he could not have done it without me!!

  8. Lucas says – I’ve just gotten bunk beds and I LOVE them!!! Aunty Nee Nah had to come round and help Dad build them as the Mother was rubbish!!! We sent her downstairs to make sandwiches. Hope the lil’ dudes enjoy their new beds 🙂 #sharewithme

  9. Huge task at hand but you handled it brilliantly. And look at the prize two happy boys with an awesome bunk bed. I bet they are in heaven. I love bunk beds. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me I look forward to the climbing saga #sharewithme

    • Ha! *She laughed nervously*! I think it’s a bit of a difficult transition for EJ and he is resisting his daytime naps at the moment. Bunk beds are definitely great though – their room is relatively small and there would be space for nothing else if their were two single beds in there! X

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