Word of the Week: Bedtime

New bunkbeds!

Anyone who read my Flat Pack! post on Wednesday will know it’s been all about the new bunk beds this week! Although it felt like a big move – and frankly, a huge transition particularly for EJ who has now gone straight from his cot to a full size single bottom bunk at the tender age of two, I’m glad that we’ve done it. Having said that it hasn’t all been plain sailing. On night one EJ climbed in and went out like a light no problem, but night two he wasn’t quite so docile and cried when I tried to tuck him in and leave. I climbed in with him, sang a lullaby, let him have his milk, tried to leave again but he was having none of it. JJ tried to take over for me bless him, but EJ just wanted his mummy! Eventually I told him I was going to go and have my shower and come straight back and, to my amazement, he agreed! Needless to say he was sparko by the time I returned and we went through the same thing last night too so I’m hoping a routine of sorts is forming and he’ll be comfortable with his new bedtime views very soon ( especially as I’m on my own with them for the next few nights while the hubster works).

It was the hubster’s birthday this week but unfortunately we didn’t have much of a chance to celebrate. In the past we have used this week to take a little holiday (this time last year we had a lovely week in Cornwall) but now JJ is at big school we can’t do that any more sadly. I will have to make a better effort next year – particularly because it will be a bit of a milestone for him!

I’ve certainly been falling into bed each night exhausted myself and feeling as though things I normally stay on top of have slid a bit – not least the cleaning this week as my cleaning day was cancelled out by flat pack hell! I am also still trying to find some kind of blogging flow to my week but right now I am writing posts at random times like 5am in the morning – and just can’t seem to get a routine to it, so it seems that most of my posting is happening in the latter part of the week. I find it such a solitary activity that I prefer to do it when I’m on my own. Unfortunately the hubster’s shift pattern is all over the place and often changes at the last minute so I rarely know where I stand.

Other than that, it’s all good and we are enjoying the absolutely glorious autumn colours ( and finally getting to wear some new layered outfits and boots!) but not so much all these squally rain showers!

How was your week?


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23 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Bedtime

  1. wow thats such a huge deal!!!! Well done to little EJ for doing so well in his big boys bed, so lovely that they have a bunk bed πŸ™‚
    I often wonder when we would put Arthur into a big boy bed from his cot, not yet obviously but its just one of those things you think about i guess!!! x

  2. Well done to EJ – a big change! We’re moving Little Man into a big bed from his cot this weekend, so I’m hoping it goes well! I’ve had a week of feeling tired, so have had a few early nights, and yes, things slide, but you can catch up when you’re feeling re-energised x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    • I think I read that Little Man has made the transition well? EJ literally just fell out of his big bed for the first time just now and he was a bit tearful and shaken up but hopefully that’s a one off!! I think I’ve caught up with quite a bit in the interim now – I feel on top of it all again and I’ve even found the time to go self hosted and sort out my side bar with new features and social media buttons! So that feels good. X

  3. Oh it must be so exciting for the little ones to have bunk-beds! He must be feeling so much “bigger” now, at least that’s what my daughter said when we got her a “big” bed. πŸ˜‰ #wotw.

  4. Aww bless him, after doing so well the first night too! It is a big change though and I’m sure he’ll be used to it too! I’m sure you’ll get on top of the cleaning again next week, honestly our house is a state these days… Hubs is trying… But well the less said about that the better! Have a lovely weekend!! Xx

      • No need to apologise lovely, I am so slow at replying sometimes! Yay to going self hosted – fantastic, well done! xx

  5. Cool bunkbeds! I’m starting to wonder whether Arthur’s getting too big for his cot… He still spends most of the night in with us but it would make putting him to bed much easier if I could lie down with him – I’m just too worried he’ll fall out! x

    • Funnily enough EJ fell out of his bottom bunk tonight for the first time and he was a bit shaken up but nothing a cuddle and some milk couldn’t put right. I have a bed guard on the side to try and prevent this occurrence but unfortunately he has decided he wants to sleep with his head up the wrong end! (The end by the ladder). Sometimes you’ve just got to bite the bullet… X

    • Well, it seems to be a ‘fluid’ situation at the moment! He refused a daytime nap for a couple of days – today I left him in his room (with gate shut) and eventually he fell asleep on the floor by the door (which indicates to me that he’s not really ready to drop the naps just yet) and tonight he got up a couple of times after I put him back and lay down with him, but eventually he put himself back to bed and fell asleep which is very heartening! πŸ™‚

  6. Fab bunk beds! I bet they love their new beds and I’m sure you’ll get into a routine in no time πŸ™‚ We’ve also been enjoying the autumn colours x

    • Yes, the transition has had it’s ups and downs but nowhere near as bad as I feared it might be – particularly for EJ. He is certainly still getting used to it but I’m surprised how good he is about staying in bed now and he even had a daytime nap in there for me today which he has been avoiding since the bunkbeds went up! I guess everyone has to find their own blog routine. With little ones it really does have to be ‘in any spare moment’ sometimes doesn’t it! X

  7. I need to do this soon too. My plan is after my son settled in school we will start to make him sleep in his own bed. I am slowly preparing. Bought him some nice bedsheets (one w/ cars & traffic signs) and is showing it to him. We will start half term and hopefully when school starts again he is already sleeping on his big boy bed =) #wotw

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