L is for…Lunch #alphabetphoto

L is for...Lunch

I love the way they are so coordinated in this shot! Eating one of their favourite lunches – cheesy pasta with tuna and sweetcorn. They’ve been playing in the garden hence EJ’s bib & nappy combo!

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K is for…Keys #alphabetphoto


I could have used this photo for ‘S’ I guess, but I have a feeling I will have a lot of choices come ‘S’ week! There is something about this shot I love – the way the light is catching my sparkly keyring… I took this a while ago when my camera was new to me and I was trying out my macro shots.

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J is for… Jumper! #alphabetphoto


Back at the Alphabet Photography Project (Podcast Dove) it’s week 10 already! That means we’re up to J. I have a little shot of JJ a-jumping here! We were lucky enough to chance upon a ‘family fun day’ at the sports and leisure club that my Mum used to work for and where she is now a member (pension status granted her free membership for herself, my dad and any grandchildren!).

Not only was there a teacup ride, facepainters and balloon crafters, but also several inflatables including this big one styled on TV’s ‘Total Wipeout’ (but without the water!) and everything was free!

JJ absolutely loved this, despite the big queue and it seemed relatively easy (compared to the TV show) for children but watching a grown man attempt it later on was hilarious!

I is for…invitation #alphabetphoto

invitation (circus)

Or ‘invitation in the making’! After I decided to go with a circus themed party for EJ’s second birthday celebrations I thought I’d try my hand at a home-made card. Unfortunately we don’t have a printer which makes life a bit trickier sometimes – I can’t just print off the fonts I would like, etc. but I had fun drawing the design anyway! I think if anything I will use this design for the thank-yous as I’ve already created a Facebook Event (unfortunately not everyone is on Facebook!).

(Please excuse the hastily edited details section – who knew there were so many shades of white and grey in a photo of white paper!).

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E is for…Eyes #alphabetphoto

E is for...Eyes

And not just any old eyes but my gorgeous EJ’s eyes! He is indeed our blue-eyed boy. JJ and I are the hazel contingent which is often denigrated massively by the hubster – git! I do like the fact that this particular shot logs the fact that he is going through a big upside down sunglasses phase. And I like the reflection too as this pic was taken on our little ferryboat river crossing recently. The eyes definitely have it…


C is for… Carousel #alphabetphoto


On Sunday afternoon I took the munchkins to a playground set in a lovely park in the next town over to where we live. When we arrived the park was chock-a-block with all the paraphernalia of a funfair setting up – I assume for the following day – which was Bank Holiday Monday. The children were fascinated by all the half-prepared rides – JJ in particular insisted on taking lots of random shots of a little train a bit like Thomas with my camera!

I particularly like the gaudy colours of this carousel’s canopy juxtaposed against the green trees and blue sky. Just ironic that the following day it chucked it down with rain really!

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