Bad attitude

Yesterday my Mum told me about a child catchernews story she’d read this week on her tablet. Its neither a big story nor a local story – it happened in Canada – but it made me feel a little bit outraged. A cafe owner ‘shamed’ a mother of a one-year-old and a three-year-old by posting a picture on Facebook of a few crumbs they had left under their table after visiting her establishment. Here is a link to the story. Personally I think its really mean to take this kind of attitude considering the very small amount of mess and the fact that the children were not criticised for being unruly or badly behaved, just making crumbs on the cafe’s carpetted floor after eating a scone.

I have read through lots of the comments and it reminded me of the dreadful misopedia that seems to abound in numerous commentary threads I have read recently on parenting websites and blogs (those aimed specifically at parents) with articles, for all intents and purposes, musing on what gives childless people the right to demand childfree flights on aeroplanes, or at the very least asking for a little compassion and tolerance for those of us who have to struggle through such an experience fraught with angst and embarassment. There is generally quite a widespread intolerance by (seemingly) a lot of childless people (although this comes through reading things written in cyberspace – I haven’t really had to experience anything like this attitude in real life), not just about airplane flights, but experiences in restaurants, cafes, shops, basically anywhere with a social hub that isn’t specifically designed for parents and children (the parental ghetto).

Comments like “I made a decision not to have kids and I shouldn’t have to raise YOURS!” and “I hate the way society kowtows to breeders and their screaming hoards of brats!” seem to abound which frustrates me because it seems to imply that these people are just mean, and intolerant and bitter about the fact that mother nature seems to have played this heinous trick on them by giving (other) people a biological urge to perpetuate the human race.

Of course I understand the argument that not all parents are great role models and let their children run riot and behave badly in public. Unfortunately a lot of people have children and there is no way to stop those who obviously aren’t ready for it, don’t really want it, or were never cut out for it, joining the party.

Its also very true that these very children who are the target of so much hatred will grow up to be the tax-payers and care-givers for all those ageing childless commentators who seem to think the world would have been a better place if their generation had been the last.

What really confuses me is why these people are sitting around in their spare time reading other people’s parenting blogs and getting themselves all gnarled up about the very thought of a little fluffy head appearing in the departure lounge. Get a life!