The Book Monster

Book Monster

About 12 years ago I was lucky enough to be running a semi-professional website all about children’s books called The Book Monster. I wrote, edited, reviewed, interviewed and organised competitions and had the pleasure to talk to some great authors including Melvin Burgess (he of controversial “Junk” fame – this website very much incorporated teenage and young adult fiction), Nina Bawden (who wrote “Carrie’s War”) and that twisted mastermind Lemony Snicket. I also worked alongside Jason Wallace, a friend and colleague who specialised at the time in Sci Fi fiction and wrote and edited a website on the subject. He has consequently gone on to write an amazing piece of young adult fiction himself, “Out of Shadows” which won the Costa Book Awards Children’s Prize in 2010.

Unfortunately the company I worked for at the time cut their budgets and, as the websites were a sideline to the core business, they were closed down. I enjoyed that part of my working life probably more than any other as it gave me the chance to be a bit creative, and an excuse to revel in bookwormery!

One of the things I aspire to do with this blog is to get back into children’s literature and fiction at some point, incorporate reviews and recommendations and see where it goes from there. Another blog I’ve discovered which does similar things is by another Mummy blogger which is doing great stuff in the Tots100 ratings.

As I currently have a baby in my life and a pre-schooler I don’t yet feel I have time to achieve these goals just yet but just to set out the stall!

In the meantime, I have posted some illustrations from some of my favourite children’s picture books. I think this stands up as some brilliant artistic talent (and some is just cutes and I love it). I visited an exhibition of illustration’s from children’s books a few years back at the British Library and I think it was one of my favourite ever.