Number Twos


I know what you’re thinking but I’m not here to discuss the recent contents of EJ’s nappies. And besides there is nothing of note to report (except maybe the blueberrygate affair – but enough of this talking crap!). No what I’m here to discuss is second children – do they get a raw deal?

EJ turns one this week and we have just returned from a lovely party for one of his sibling-free buddies which got me thinking. We all dote on our first child, everything they do is lovingly recorded with photographs and videos, proud reports to friends and family and, lets face it, anyone else who’ll listen. Poor number 2 has to make do with a blurry phone pic once in a blue moon and a whole lot of sharing.

I recently visited Clarks with the boys – mostly with JJ in mind – for a much needed measure and refit. It was a kind of spontaneous last minute idea and whilst waiting in a ridiculously long queue, in swanned a young couple who had clearly booked an appointment in advance for this “ceremony of the first shoe fitting”. Their daughter must have been a similar age to EJ and she was so obviously a “first”. They twittered away obliviously about all their little darling’s funny, adorable habits to a gay sales assistant happy to play along. When EJ’s turn finally came around I was almost surprised when they bothered to take the obligatory polaroid, my main thought being – if the shoe fits, lets quit this joint at the double!

Having said that, I myself am a second, and went through such a self-pitying phase in my teenage years about the fact that my sister had a baby album and I didn’t that she actually put together a special album with pictures from my life so far to try and make it up to me!

The one thing that seconds do have that firsts didn’t is a semi-competent mum who actually has a bit of confidence in the way she tackles all your challenges.