What *is* so funny?

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Isn’t it funny how sometimes it takes a prompt like the theme of the Theme Game theme this week “Funny” to get you to stop and take stock of some of the more chucklesome moments in life?

Personally I like a good laugh and I have a tendency to snort like a pig which can be a bit embarassing! When I was younger I used to be a regular at the Screaming Blue Murder comedy club – part of the London comedy circuit with comedians travelling between various pubs each week to do a little stand up set. I was in my late teens early 20s back in the early 90s when my sister and I used to pay our £3 each week at The Rose and Crown in Hampton Wick (now sadly a noodle bar) and the compere? Only Eddie Izzard wasn’t it?! Or if he was busy that week we scrolled between Mark Lamarr and Lee Hurst. We saw all the old timers there before they went into TV and got really famous – Jack Dee, Jo Brand, Lee Evans… Looking back on those days it does occur what an amazing opportunity we had right on our doorstep! I still vaguely remember set pieces by Izzard (something to do with the aliens from the Alien films) and Dee (something to do with a cat running up and down the top of a train with a tea towel – don’t ask!) which is stunning considering the intervening time period!!

Nowadays I get most of my comedy moments from four year old JJ. Just this evening he said to me “Mummy, I love Chuggington and so does my friend Melon”. I said “You mean Lennon?” to which he simply replied, “Melon”.

And here’s one I’ve shared before on my blog but it still makes me chuckle:

In the car on the way to my Mum and Dad’s myself and the boys got stuck in a tailback heading towards Twickenham (turns out there was a Rugger match on but we didn’t know that at the time). JJ (who had already freaked me out by telling me he needed to do a poo and couldn’t wait til Grandma’s, then sucked it back up and retracted his previous) asked me very earnestly why we were stuck in traffic. I replied “I don’t know, honey, maybe someone’s had an accident”. He waited a couple of minutes before asking “Do you think someone’s weed or pooed themselves Mummy?” – it took everything I had not to crack up. “Probably not” I said, and when he countered with “Why not mummy?” I could honestly say “I just don’t think it would cause this much of a tailback”.

What’s so funny, indeed!


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