Funny and clever!


So I really wanted to write a nice long meaningful post after reading (and sometimes even commenting on!) other people’s thoughts on the Great British Breastfeeding Bribe and The Child Abuse Publishing Scandal in the past week, but it turns out that once again its a case of me against the clock and the clock is winning by a country mile! In place of said post, I will share these two things which my children have done in the last week to make me smile (apologies to those of you who have already been regaled with the glad tidings):

In the car on the way to my Mum and Dad’s on Saturday myself and the boys got stuck in a tailback heading towards Twickenham (turns out there was a Rugger match on but we didn’t know that at the time). JJ (who had already freaked me out by telling me he needed to do a poo and couldn’t wait til Grandma’s, then sucked it back up and retracted his previous) asked me very earnestly why we were stuck in traffic. I replied “I don’t know, honey, maybe someone’s had an accident”. He waited a couple of minutes before asking “Do you think someone’s weed or pooed themselves Mummy?” – it took everything I had not to crack up. “Probably not” I said, and when he countered with “Why not mummy?” I could honestly say “I just don’t think it would cause this much of a tailback”…

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Wot So Funee?

The other thing that wowed my dad and I on Saturday was 15 month old EJ responding to my instruction to go and get his dummy from where it was on the coffee table about 10 feet behind him by doing exactly that! He knew what I’d told him and did what I suggested! It might not sound like much but it shows just how much he has developed recently that he could understand and act on my words. My baby is growing up!!

At the swings today: how we laughed

For the first time in several weeks we had a chance to spend a little bit of time with the hubster’s 9 year old daughter this afternoon. Of course JJ was thrilled – he loves her to bits although, like all siblings, they generally end up fighting like cats and dogs.

Today they were treated to lunch out at one of the hubster’s favourite lunch spots – Morrisons!! As I was at home whilst EJ napped I can’t comment on that. However when they returned we all decided to go out en masse down to our local recreation ground ¬†for swings and ice cream.

Once we had our 99s we decamped to the littlies playzone and hubster was tasked with pushing both boys on the swings whilst myself and No.1. stepdaughter sat down next to another woman on a park bench to finish off our ice creams.

We had missed our chance of seeing her the previous weekend because she had been off camping with friends so I asked her where she’d been and if she’d had a nice time. After the briefest of answers she turned to me and said “I can’t believe you’ve had two boys inside you” motioning to her brothers, and then really loudly “you’ve had two willies inside you!!!”.

This immediately reminded me of my Mum’s story about how she tried to explain the birds and bees to my sister when she was about 2 and I was a new born baby. The following day, on a bus of all places, in her confusion she loudly announced that her daddy had two penises. I’m sure my Mum must have wished at the time, as I did briefly today, that the ground would swallow her up.

Kids – gotta love ’em!