Wicked Wednesday #2 – cheeky boy!

Wicked Wednesday 2

With this lovely weather we’ve been making the most of our lovely back garden. We’ve just bought a new trampoline (which they’re both loving except when JJ decides to jump so hard that EJ ends up screaming his head off!) and we’ve got a decent size rectangular paddling pool with a Little Tikes slide placed right into it for a home lido effect 😉 The hubster keeps leaving them out with the hose on to re-fill the pool and EJ is obsessed with it! Trying to approach him or walk past is like running the gauntlet! I have ended up completely soaked on more than one occasion! Just look at his cheeky little face here! He know’s he’s a cheeky monkey 🙂 Can’t work up the energy to be too annoyed with him though…

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