Love the Little Things 19.09.14


Over the weekend, in snatches and flashes, I managed to finish reading my current book on my iPhone (thanks Kindle App! Loving it!). I mentioned A Landing on the Sun last week, a somewhat eery ghost of a life, played out through reports read and old reels of tape discovered in a dusty loft room deep in the heart of Whitehall. But don’t worry, it’s nothing to do with politics, more with the politics of happiness, and the overall answer seems to be that happiness can only ever be truly experienced in microcosm. So stick that in yer pipe and smoke it!

I’ve contemplated starting another of Frayn’s novel’s on my reading list, Skios, but also been toying with some of the less aerodite ones from the Booker shortlist, particularly We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler (who wrote The Jane Austen Book Club). Oh and I also absolutely snorted in the optician’s waiting room this morning when I read this catalogue of disasters over at Secret Divorcee HQ: Last Night Was Like a Miranda Sketch… bless Lottie she really did manage to get herself in a bit of a pickle over at Wagamama’s the other day!


We are all completely beside ourselves


After catching part of my Twitter feed on Saturday night I couldn’t help but tune into the repeat of the X Factor this week to see what Katie from Hurrah for Gin was on about when she said ‘Bit slutty, Cheryl’! I have to admit that the guy breaking into a perfect rendition of Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get it On did lead to an utterly cringe-making display!


Other than the above, I discovered Ten Walls this week. I’m not sure everything this guy does is instrumental, or worth labelling ‘house’ (personally I’m still not sure what the difference is between house and garage and still wondering when someone’s going to come out with something from the Carport (cutting edge…). But I digress – I defy you not to agree that this is the perfect background music – try it out, leave it playing while you read the rest of this post… I’m also loving dipping in and out of some new and old Live Lounges from Radio 1 – particularly liking Foxes covering Pharrell’s Happy. Nice.


I couldn’t resist any longer, I had to go and have a little look at some of what’s out there in the new autumn ranges and ended up buying myself this little flippy skirt from M&S Indigo to wear with boots and a denim jacket on the school run:

New flippy skirt


I didn’t really have time to try my hand at any fancy baking or recipe wrangling this week so I returned to an old favourite that I haven’t cooked in ages: my version of a cassoulet. I thought I’d make this as I’d bought some chorizo style pork chipolatas from Tesco recently in a BOGOF and they needed using up. I have to preface this picture (which is also self explanatory 😉 ) by saying that although this looks very much like beans with mini sausages, it is in fact, a million miles away in flavour, being so very yummy and delicious which I’m afraid I just couldn’t convey in the medium of photography!



It’s been a bit of a challenging week – particularly with bedtimes round here! – but I’m so looking forward to spending a day with my littlest boy and enjoying some time all together at the weekend. Colds seem to be kicking in and we all need to recharge our batteries.

Happy Friday Little Loves!