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Return to normality

After the chaotic time we experienced during the building works on our bathroom last week, this week the dust has (literally) settled. The job was (more or less) completed by the end of Bank Holiday Monday and we now have a beautiful, clean, luxurious space in which to carry out all those day to day ablutions.

I was keen to carry out a full on house clean on Tuesday as everything was feeling grimy and untidy with piles of bathroom detritus lying randomly around the place. Unfortunately I had a long standing appointment to get my highlights done (time-limited half price offer!) in Guildford and this process ended up taking about 4 hours out of my 6 hours of child-free time. This resulted in a mad dash home and a frantic sweep, dust, Hoover, recycling challenge and tidy up! As a result we do actually now have a clean feeling, tidy home again at last.

I am dying to put my ‘before and after’ bathroom post up to share the wonder of it all but we are still awaiting one rather large piece of kit to be delivered and fitted – the bath side panel. Without this picture is not yet complete.

We also had the Bank Holiday this week – not the easiest day for me as bathroom work was still in full fling and the hubster was out at work all day. In an ideal world we would do something fun together as a family on a bank holiday but in reality this rarely happens due to the hubster’s work commitments. We did have fun at the Bushy Park Woodland Gardens the day before with my Mum though, so it wasn’t a complete loss of time.

We finally booked our last term time holiday as a family of four this week – 7 nights in a beautiful child friendly holiday cottage on the North Norfolk coast. I know there is heaps to do up there with the kids and most exciting of all, we will get to stop in at the home of one of my oldest and bestest friends in the world in Suffolk on the way to and from our destination. I rarely get to see her and she now has three children herself with the newest addition joining the clan last November. I am really excited about this and its always lovely to have something nice to look forward to as you go about your normal day to day life. So that was the week that was…

The Prompt: Spring is the time of plans and projects

Spring daffodils at WisleyI have a little personal guide to the seasons which allocates three months to each season (although winter sometimes seems more like 6). For this reason Spring theoretically starts in March (see: blossom, daffodils and a bit more daylight) but actually, for me April is the month that epitomises the season of renewal. April is the start of both my Leave and Financial years at work, I began my current job at the beginning of April 2007 and returned from maternity last year at the same time of year.

I always look forward to April and I feel that this is the time of year when you see the most change for the better in the outdoor environment.

This year my world is changing a little bit again come April as I’m dropping a day of work from my week and am really looking forward to having a bit of time to myself. I have so many plans and projects – everything from bike rides to crochet to organising and de-cluttering the house. I have baking projects (I’ve always wanted to try baking some different breads) as well as wanting to figure out what to do with my blog to make it prettier, better organised, more personalised and better connected.

I’d like to try my hand at some crafts – I’ve got a thing about buttons and after many hours surfing the Pinterest boards I am very motivated to come up with some button-inspired art.

We also have an April date in the diary for our long awaited bathroom makeover! I’m really excited about this because there are so many things wrong with this room currently – everything from a horribly lime-scaled up toilet to a rubbish old wall cabinet which the doors have fallen off, to a completely unused stand-alone shower (it can’t be used as it leaks damp into the room below). I currently have to wash my hair in the bath using a plastic jug to rinse. Watch this space for the bathroom makeover before and after post, come early May!

This is definitely a time of year for holiday plans too although we haven’t quite got that far yet and I made a promise to myself that I would arrange birthday parties for the children (July and September) well in advance this year so that’s another job on the to do list for April. I’ve also been inspired by other bloggers and friends to consider taking out memberships in various attractions be it the Royal Horticultural Society, National Trust or various standalone attractions. Its been hard to reconcile the cost of this kind of thing against the fact that a baby or toddler under the age of two is not going to appreciate much of what, for example, a stately home can offer.

Some plans and projects have been on the back burner for a long time. I think that’s what happens when you have a baby. However this year EJ turns two in July and I believe that this will make a difference – at least I hope it will because there is ever such a lot on my Spring agenda!!

This post is linking to The Prompt from Sara at Mum turned Mom who’s prompt this week was: Spring is the time of plans and projects. Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina.