Love the Little Things {week 3}


Wizard of Oz

I just discovered this American parenting blog called One Time Through, through a link to the Alphabet Photography Project over at Podcast which I’ve been joining in with. Although its not strictly a photography-based post, I love the fact that she has used The Wizard of Oz – (my blog Theme no less!!) as a way of talking about raising confident children. It just reminded me of why I love that movie so much. And also, it got me thinking about ways of approaching the parenting journey and key things we should be instilling in our children like confidence, an adventurous spirit alongside good behaviour and responsibility. I’ll be interested to read some more of her ideas…

Here’s the link:


After months of watching very little I suddenly started taking notice of what other people were recommending last week and decided to give the BBC’s “Happy Valley” a go. I have to say I was hooked almost straight away – the premise, the great script and acting all suck you in. Sarah Lancashire is brilliant and the music is properly atmospheric. I watched the first four episodes pretty much back to back and episode four was pretty dramatic and shocking! Desperate to know how it ends now!


I treated myself to a new top for summer – its a pretty little John Rocha cotton blouse – flattering, practical and hopefully it’ll be an easy mix and matcher – either with jeans at home or smart linen trousers for work. I have to admit I’m not a great shopper and I flounder in the face of fashion, doubting my own choices sometimes – I think what I really need is a personal shopper – any takers? 🙂

New summer top


Do you ever listen to a song on the radio and convince yourself that you know who the artist is only to find that it is someone else completely unexpected? This happened to me with Lady GaGa’s “You and I” (which I love!) – I was absolutely certain that it was Shania Twain! Its quite a country tune to my ears so out of keeping with what you come to expect from the pop queen – ironically one of my favourites from her.

This week though, after hearing the song “Sing” I convinced myself that it was Justin Timberlake only to be a bit gob-smacked to find out that it is actually Ed Sheeran. After falling in love with his song “I See Fire” I am noticing what an amazing talent he has – and then I heard his recording of “Sing” from Radio One’s Big Weekend and now I think he must be amazing to see live – just watch him work that crowd!!



A bit of a mess – ha ha! Seriously though, school hols are a bit of a disaster for me this time round as our childminder was away on holiday meaning my usual day of cooking, cleaning and productivity was rudely curtailed by extra mummy time. On the plus side I got to meet up with my lovely cousin for the first time in about a year! She is 35 weeks pregnant and agreed to meet us at a soft play venue of our choosing (which, in hindsight, may not be the greatest idea for someone who is shortly to give birth to their first child – the spectre of rainy school holiday afternoons to come!)

And lastly...

We had a fab Bank Holiday Monday (despite all my whinging about holidays not being the same any more!) with a delish roast over at my Mum and Dad’s along with my sister and her family. We actually had the hubster and the Girl with us as well which has been unheard of in recent times. There were eleven of us in all and I really love it when we are all together like this!

We are family!



Parenthood: degrees of normality…

define normal

Re-visiting this post I wrote last November for this week’s Theme Game from Jocelyn at The Reading Residence and Iona at Red Peffer – this week’s theme being “Parenting”.

Everyone seems to agree that having your first baby is a big shock to the system (whether it be a time of doe-eyed adoration or sleep-deprived witchery). Nothing will ever be the same again and there will never be a ‘normal’ the same as the ‘normal’ you had when you were child-free.

I was making the kids dinner the other day when the thought occurred to me that I was on edge. Then it occurred to me that I’m pretty much always on edge these days. When you’re in a job where you are ‘on call’ even though it may be a quiet day you won’t be able to switch off. That’s a bit like parenting, and I speak from the perspective of a parent who has only so far experienced babies and pre-schoolers but I assume that will probably always be the case from now on. Despite that fact I also assume that ‘normality’ (whatever that is) – will return, perhaps with a gradual lessening of the weight of responsibility to the point where your children are completely grown and old enough to be entirely responsible for themselves and their own actions…

From my perspective I look back at the time JJ was between two and three and I remember starting to feel like I had some semblance of a ‘self’ returning. As he began to gain a few words and phrases and was able to communicate a little bit more coherently and understand and respond to requests (assuming the planets were aligned correctly of course) it felt a bit more manageable. I remember thinking that it was a complete doddle compared to my six months of newborn colic hell.

Then EJ came along.

I’d be interested to know the opinions of others with children of varying ages to find out if you agree with my theories about degrees of normality in parenthood…


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