B&W Photography Project: My blondie

My blondie

Another picture I took in my parents back garden last Sunday. I’m loving the way the bright sunshine makes everything stand out in sharp contrasts. I also love the candid nature of the picture and the fact that he just looks so sweet!

Linking up to the Black and White Photography project over at Podcast The Doves again.

The B&W Photography Project: Boy on a scooter

Scooter fun

When I heard about the Black and White Photography Project over at Podcast Dove it prompted me to figure out how to set my camera to take black and white photographs. I was over at my parents’ with the boys and it was a very bright sunny day. The boys have both been given a scooter each for their upcoming birthdays and decided to give them a bit of a whirl in the courtyard garden. I have to admit I got completely carried away with experimentation – before I started outside I had taken about half a dozen ‘studies’ of little aspects of my parents’ home and then, once the boys got going, I followed them around, made it into a game and snapped away as they whizzed about, attempting not to become a victim of a hit and run!

This was one of the favourites I took in black and white because there are some strong dark and light elements here and I love the vivid shadow and the black lines of the paving slabs. There is a sense of motion and fun here. I know it’s completely amateur but I hope it shows some potential!

A is for Amethyst #Alphabetphoto


I took this picture for The Alphabet Photography Project. Charly from Podcastdove.com has started the project and the idea is to take a photo of something representing each letter of the alphabet, one a week for the next 26 weeks.

I bought this amethyst and silver ring for myself at Camden Market in London a long time ago. I loved it (and still do) for its quirky style – the two gemstones set off at different angles, the fact that it appears to include the letter ‘e’ and then I love the colour purple so its my ideal piece of jewellery. I used to wear it on the middle finger of my left hand until I got married (the first time) and it clashed horribly with my traditional and dainty looking engagement and wedding rings. I never really liked those rings much so when I got divorced I re-discovered this piece and it was like a blessed return to my true self.

Plenty of other jewellery has come and gone over the years but this is really the only item I have taken with my throughout my adult life.