SAHM vs. WM…


I’ve been thinking alot about this lately, probably because I have found that the blogs I am drawn to (barring that of the lovely Zoe Ashton who I discovered through the WordPress Reader) tend to be written by stay at home mums who manage to do the most amazing craft activities, enviable child-friendly projects, plus managing to organise a massive amount of super ambitious blogging projects and achieve fabulous goals all whilst fitting in the mundane tasks of cooking, cleaning, and bog-standard childcare in the unseen background.

So what I want to know is – this Stay at Home Mum lark – is it the key to having the freedom to do these things? Or is it just the personalities of those who do it well – people who would be pushing themselves to high achievement whatever the situation? Because I can’t see it happening for me primarily because my children demand almost constant attention. I might get an hour or two once or twice a week when JJ is at pre-school and EJ is napping, but that doesn’t seem like enough…

I work part-time and this is always the way I wanted it to be. It means I get glimpses into both worlds but there is never any real ‘down’ time. I enjoy being in the workplace for the most part and I do believe it brings some balance to my life – I rarely feel that experience of boredom – there is always somewhere I have to be and its not always the same place! I don’t feel like I am stuck in the rat race the way I once was – commuting to and from the same place five days a week. And yet I have nothing to show the outside world for anything work-related. I spent five hours at work today on one task and its not a creative thing that I do but it involves making a lot of decisions which impact on many people’s lives.

Still I can’t help but crave some creative outlet and writing this blog is helping me to achieve that. Now if I just had time to create something beautiful to photograph and display I’d be a happy woman!

Stay at Home Mummy bloggers – please let me know your thoughts on this – do you feel you have more time to do your own thing (as well as your Mummy thing) than you would have if you worked? Or are you just a high achiever and feel like the job’s not done unless you can think of it almost as a work-based project which is to be held up and measured on the scale of perfection (or maybe ‘brilliance in blogging’)?

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