L is for…Lunch #alphabetphoto

L is for...Lunch

I love the way they are so coordinated in this shot! Eating one of their favourite lunches – cheesy pasta with tuna and sweetcorn. They’ve been playing in the garden hence EJ’s bib & nappy combo!

Linking up to the Alphabet Photography Project over at Podcast Dove.

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A is for Amethyst #Alphabetphoto


I took this picture for The Alphabet Photography Project. Charly from Podcastdove.com has started the project and the idea is to take a photo of something representing each letter of the alphabet, one a week for the next 26 weeks.

I bought this amethyst and silver ring for myself at Camden Market in London a long time ago. I loved it (and still do) for its quirky style – the two gemstones set off at different angles, the fact that it appears to include the letter ‘e’ and then I love the colour purple so its my ideal piece of jewellery. I used to wear it on the middle finger of my left hand until I got married (the first time) and it clashed horribly with my traditional and dainty looking engagement and wedding rings. I never really liked those rings much so when I got divorced I re-discovered this piece and it was like a blessed return to my true self.

Plenty of other jewellery has come and gone over the years but this is really the only item I have taken with my throughout my adult life.