EJ is two!!!

gorgeous EJ

My baby is two today!! I can hardly believe that this day has come – it doesn’t seem like five minutes since I was taking this photo of JJ on the morning of his second birthday:

JJ's funny second birthday

EJ is such a little character, he can be very stubborn – he certainly knows his mind! He also still confounds me on a regular basis by becoming increasingly hysterical about something he can’t communicate (his language skills are somewhat lacking…).

He is such a loving little boy though – so much more cuddly than his brother used to be, going in for major hugs and clinging to me like my own little koala when I pick him up to bring him down for breakfast in the mornings.

He loves his food and will try lots of different, new foods – again, much more so than his brother. But he also knows what he likes and is addicted to Actimels (or Benecols at my Mum and Dad’s!) and will help himself to lollies and Frubes from the freezer whenever the whim takes him.

His fine and gross motor skills are way ahead of his language – he has clambered up ropes and netting that I wouldn’t expect someone his age to do and he’s doing some good mark making too (note to self, must let him do more mark making!!).

Little climber

EJ masterpiece

I fear that he hasn’t been given the same opportunities as his brother for certain activities – singing and stories and toddler groups… Hopefully that will change a bit come September when JJ starts at Big School…

For the time being we will keep enjoying seeing him playing so beautifully with his big brother, entertaining us with his love of the new trampoline and filling the air with the adorable sound of his joyous laughter (we’ll just gloss over the blood curdling screaming 🙂 ).

Happy Birthday my beautiful boy!

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