Blog recommendations

I’m new to all this but here are some blogs that I’ve come across which I really like:

Playing by the book

Lovely and inspiring blog all about Zoe and her two daughters’ love of reading together and the kind of things the books they read inspire them to do. Lots of lovely reviews and fantastic photographs of the girls arts and crafts.

The Diary of a Frugal Family

Another from the top of the Tots 100 ratings – I love the honesty and the thrifty tips and I like the cupcake theme and the visual impact you get as soon as you set eyes on the page.

Just a Normal Mummy

This is a hilarious ‘anti’ parenting blog which probably says all of the things the rest of us would never dare to!

This blog I became familiar with in turn through the recommendation of my blogging friend Abi who’s own blog:

Mum in a Hurry

is also a raw and true look at life with two littlies.

A Mummy Too

Beautiful looking site and lovely foodie bits, recipes and restaurant reviews. The writer is also a photographer so there are loads of amazing pictures!

Mummy Tries

I love the honesty on show here which comes through the power of anonymity! There are things that I would love to discuss and muse upon but this is far too public a forum!! This particular mum has come through hell and high water to get to this point in her life and she has some really interesting insights.

To be continued…

3 thoughts on “Blog recommendations

  1. Great little list. I like discovering new blogs through the recommendations of bloggers I enjoy reading. Thanks for sharing lovely lady; I have subscribed to emails from the couple I didn’t know about! x

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