My family

If there is one place I know I can always go and be myself, amongst like-minded people who will never judge me, will always have my back, but who aren’t afraid to criticise, its my mum and dad’s house. Take the past weekend – myself and the boys stayed the night Saturday and my sister, brother in law and nieces came over to join us for a Sunday roast the following day. It was Mother’s Day and it had also been my brother in law’s birthday during the week so there were extra reasons to be cheerful and celebrate.

It has been a tradition that, ever since my sister had her first baby, I have included her in my Mother’s Day celebrations, usually buying her flowers and a card. When your children are very little it seems unlikely that they themselves will make a fuss over you, but you are still a mother after all, so unless you have one of those superdad/super-husbands it helps to have a sister! This year she bought me a card and a lovely Body Shop set and I was also lucky enough to get handmade cards from both my boys which they created themselves at nursery/pre-school. It is also lovely to make Mum, mother-in law and sister smile with the pretty flowers, cards and more importantly thanks and heartfelt appreciation for all they do for us.

I love the time we all spend together on Sundays, being able to share the highs and lows of our separate lives, seeing the children having fun together (despite the ten year age gap between cousins!), hearing my niece Carmen booking us all in for The Lion King in five years time when she will be 20 (!!) (she loves a musical!) everyone chattering away as we all reach across the table, swapping the sprouts for the carrots, the mustard or the horse radish. There is irreverance and silliness, music and heart to hearts over the washing up. Occasionally we are treated to an impromptu guitar solo from niece the younger, or a song from the elder, accompanied by her flourishing talents on the ukelele (!).

We share music, book and film recommendations, DVD box sets, and my dad has even ordered himself a camera like mine as I really sold it to him apparently (although he’s managed to get his for £80 cheaper – grump!)

Hopefully we will all manage to have a family holiday together this summer in Devon. My mum has now booked accomodation for early August. The last time we did this was 2012 when EJ was just five weeks old!

Yes it is fair to say there is never a dull moment, time always flies by far too quicky when we’re all together and sometimes I wish we could all club together and buy a huge house where we could share more than just the occasional Sunday. Until that day I just want them all to know how much they mean to me.

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21 thoughts on “My family

  1. That is such a lovely post Sam! Makes me want to join in! Sounds like you have such a lovely relationship with them all, and sometimes you just can’t beat family can you? Really lovely post! Xx

    • We’ve had a few ups and downs over the years as all siblings do I guess but I’m happy to have a sister as I know that I’ve got someone in my life who will be my best friend throughout the journey – who knows me inside out!

  2. Loved reading this, Sam. How great to all be so close, whether you be giggling or arguing, family do always have your back and you can totally be yourself. My kids’s have cousins who are 11 & 17, so lots older, but they all get on so well together, it’s lovely to see. I’m very close to my mum, and I just cannot imagine my life without my brother – siblings are special x Thanks for sharing with #TheThemeGame

    • Ah, it sounds like you have similar family bonds to us! My sister is married to a Tasmanian and at one point they considered emigrating out there (and my parents looked into it too!) – I’m really sorry that my nieces and brother in law don’t have a closer relationship with his family but at the same time so relieved that they all stayed put!! X

  3. Aww, I love this! I have a sister too, and it is such a special little bond. And there’s nothing quite like dinner at your mum and dads – and if there are lots of little cousins involved too, even better! Xx #thethemegame

    • Teenagers and toddlers Emma! A bit of a random mix (even though there’s only 2.5 years between me and my sister I started my family ten years later and got boys where she got girls!) but everyone is loved and accepted.

  4. As soon as I saw the picture, without reading any words, I thought, that’s got to be your sister! You have the same warm, beaming smiles. Actually, a lot of your family do, and it looks like you have lots to smile about too!

    • Well we have our similarities but we are also very different as are most siblings I find! But you can’t beat the bond you have with someone who knows exactly what your childhood looked like from the inside! 🙂

  5. There is nothing better than family. It’s so important and such a blessing when you have them all around you. I love the photos. What a lovely post. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. So lucky to be close with your family I miss mine everyday. #sharewithme

    • It must be so difficult to live so far away from your family Jenny, especially when you have children. I hope you get the chance to live a bit closer to some of them at some point. Thanks for hosting X

  6. Oh Sam what a gorgeous post. You clearly adore your family, and it’s lovely to hear all about them. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that you make it to Devon xx #ThemeGame

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