Word of the Week: Farming

Not that I have been doing any particular farm-work, mind you, more the fact that we have been to two versions of a children’s farm this week – two very different places!

On the one hand there was Miller’s Ark which focuses very much on bringing the experience of ‘animal touch’ to children – real, close up experiences with traditional farm animals – huge turkeys nonchalantly crossing the path in front of you, sheep and goats going into labour before your very eyes, fluffy chicks and bunnies gamboling in their little runs as you walk up the driveway to the farm entrance, hands on petting of baby Kune Kune pigs – you get the idea. On the other hand Hobbledown – an entirely different experience, a place with both sheep and goats in pens, but also goats in an enclosure complete with a little trip-trap bridge, bringing the world of literature into the equation with its reference to the Billy Goats Gruff. Plus meerkats, a llama, several wallabies and a peacock (less ‘farm’ and more ‘palace grounds’ one feels…).

I liked them both although I think maybe my boys got more out of the Hobbledown experience simply because they aren’t really that fussed about animals in general!

I also like the fact that we were able to have two days out in sunshine – even a picnic al fresco at Hobbledown – which speaks volumes about the fact that we are finally entering Spring proper and the Miller’s Ark experience was awash with the season (chicks, bunnies, gambolling lambs, etc.).

And yes, I think with the fresh air I have risen from my former Flump!

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20 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Farming

  1. Looks great fun! Spring is definitely in the air… My boy has been enjoying the lambs at our local city farm in south London! And we have been enjoying all the animals to spot up here on our holiday in Scotland…
    Great #wotw! X

    • I’m not so sure about the being surrounded by animals myself Merlinda! Its nice to visit and see them in zoos and farms but I don’t think I’d ever want to work with them! I know this is a lot of people’s dream job though. Thanks for stopping by X

  2. Yay, Spring is in the air-although currently a tad damp it has to be said. But at least it’s a but warmer. I would love my own animal sanctuary-bring around animals is so relaxing πŸ™‚

  3. Good to hear you’re out of your flump! My kids love visiting farms (hence holidaying on one last week!), and both of these sound great. Lovely to get out in to the fresh air, too πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    • Hm after staying on a farm (of sorts) in Cornwall last year and seeing JJ’s absolute terror of the big animals I’m not sure if we’d stay on a farm again (although I remember being exactly the same as him as a child and staying on a holiday farm in either Cornwall or Wales. I have vivid memories of the huge pig, Violet Mary, being fed all the kitchen scraps each day and of making a mad screaming terrified dash across the corner of cow field! As such I guess it has formed a vivid little pocket of my childhood memories – none of which I would be without!

  4. Yay to no more flump! Amazing what a few warm sunny days can do for you! Both farms sound lovely in different ways. I need to take monkey to a farm again but he was so scared of noisy sheep last summer I keep wussing out! Hopefully he’ll be less scared this year? But then he’s scared of ants at the moment so who knows!! Xx#wotw

    • Try taking him to one of these children’s farm-cum-playzones – we have loads down in the South East and its a nice day out even if they;re not that into the animals because there is generally so much other stuff to do! X

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