Where do you draw the line with blogging?


Sometimes things happen in my life that I badly need to talk about – a shoulder to cry on if you will. This blog is a bit like a journal. I want to be able to discuss feelings and incidents but I know I can’t. It’s not the correct forum; it’s too public; the things I want to say are too raw.

Maybe the same is true for others in the same boat but I wonder whether any other parent bloggers out there have anything as unsettling in their lives which they also feel cannot be breached in this way?

I guess I’m lucky that I do have lovely friends and family to turn to when the going gets tough but there are times when I feel like I’m on my own and I’m floundering and I don’t know what to do for the best.

I’m sorry if this is cryptic – I know there’s nothing worse than a cryptic status update – ha! I understand though, that sometimes you just want to throw your state of mind into an arena of ‘friendly faces’ in the hopes that just one person will pick up on it and feel a little stab of concern.

I once showed up to a toddler group and pretty much sobbed my way through the entire ninety minutes – just relieved to tell somebody – anybody – what I’d been going through.
The problem with the written word is that it is so final and so, well, black and white (unless you’re using a green gel pen).

This may sound melodramatic and maybe it is. Life can be so wonderful – especially with children who bring so much joy and laughter (in amongst the little irritations and the endless demands!). We’re all just finding our way and maybe things are more green than black and white at any given moment. But when the black and white seep into my brain and I feel like I’m in a dark place I can’t put pen to paper (or digits to keyboard) and keep posting jolly stuff about romps in parks and pretty trinkets. It feels almost worse not to say anything at all though, hence this post.

Apologies – normal service will soon be resumed…

13 thoughts on “Where do you draw the line with blogging?

  1. I hope you’re ok, Sam poppet. I know exactly what you mean though – we all feel like this from time to time. I’m thinking of you, and really hope that you’ll feel brighter soon xx

      • Don’t be apologising – you are allowed to have your privacy! I think we were tandem commenting there – just noticed your wee comment on my post! Chin up little one xx

  2. We all have moments where our kids cause us so much frustration that we could happily put them up for adoption. Social media seems to be so full of the good times people are having that we get a skewed perception of how well everyone else is coping with this parenting gig.
    Life has some times that suck, but that just makes us appreciate the good times all the more.
    Of course you don’t want the world to know that your kids can be rascals – but they wouldn’t be human if they didn’t suffer frustrations and anger. The same goes for you.
    So take deep breaths, vent to a trusted loved one and know that you are not alone!

  3. Oh, I hope everything is okay Sam. I know exactly what you mean though, my blog is a largely happy place because there are things I can’t say there because of who reads it. But, there are days when I would love to be able to vent! Hugs lovely xx

  4. Oh sweetie I hope things are okay and you have had a better few days. I understand about how putting it in writing and pressing publish can be so final but sometimes it does help to get things off your chest. I have a couple of posts that I have no real intention of ever publishing (maybe one day, if things change, I might in retrospect) but it really helped to write it down and get all those thoughts out of my head.
    Sorry I’m rambling, take care lovey xxx

    • You’re right, maybe I should just write things down and not hit publish. It is most difficult because it is all to do with someone who could easily read what I write and publish. And then there is that wonderful thing, distance and hindsight…

  5. This is so dIfficult, isn’t it. The line between blogging being a place for YOU versus the potential fallout for everyone if you share your thoughts too honestly. I have no words of wisdom on this I am afraid but I am passing you a virtual gin and tonic – sounds like you need it! X

    • Ooh. Thanks for that gin and tonic I definitely needed it! Maybe one day something will change in my life and I won’t be so scared about opening up but not right now. Thanks for the support though X

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