Out of the Loop: What my ‘Blog Break’ taught me

I’ve been having this feeling. You know those clever stop motion films where one person stands still while everything going on around them flashes past in such high speed that it’s literally a blur? That.

I went to Devon with my family for a week and although I had my Kindle tablet with me I didn’t either write, post or even really read any blog posts for over 7 days. It doesn’t sound that much but I came back to nearly 100 unread emails from the blogs I follow. It’s a bit overwhelming because the posts never stop coming and I’d love to be able to read each and every one which leaves little time for anything else!

I know other bloggers have decided to switch off for the entire summer so I can’t imagine how they will feel come September, but this little blog break has taught me a few things: a) once a blogger, always a blogger; b) taking a break from regular blogging is as important as taking a break from work life – it allows you to switch off completely and engage more fully with the people around you; and c) it’s good therapy to talk using your vocal chords once in a while!

Even after I’d returned from Devon I found it difficult to pick up where I’d left off, but gradually, with a couple of photo posts and delving into the ‘missing’ 100 (apologies to anyone for what may seem like incredibly out of date comments!) I’m finally getting back into the swing of it, and it’s now that I really understand the true meaning of blogging to me at this point in my life: it’s what ‘normal’ feels like now – and by ‘normal’ I mean balanced, centred, focussed, positive. Even if bad things happen, blogging is a way of cleaving to everything that is right, and connecting with others socially on a daily basis.

As I don’t get to spend any significant amounts of time with my mum and dad and my sister’s family, last week was a chance to re-connect, and get up to speed with their busy lives too which is so lovely, and justified a significant amount of time away from technology, but a holiday is a holiday, and I’m so glad to have my blog to return to.

2 thoughts on “Out of the Loop: What my ‘Blog Break’ taught me

  1. Good to have you back my dear, hope you had a lovely time. Taking a break from anything is often what’s needed to remind us of how much we enjoy (or don’t enjoy!) it xx

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