Cbeebies – it’s a love/hate thing…

From the sublime:

Sarah and Duck

To the ridiculous:

kate and mim mim

I know a lot of people have had some pretty harsh things to say about Postman Pat. The man is clearly an incompetent nerd. However as a piece of programming, the commissioners have gone right somewhere (see: my five year old glued to back to back episodes on the iPlayer). I know all about the secret chucklings at the mere mention of Mr Tumble’s spotty bag, – love him or hate him, he gets bums on seats. And when it comes to Topsy and Tim – well, just read this post and you’ll see that not everyone is as forgiving as me when it comes to annoyingly perky twins banging on about their big house move for SIX YEARS*.

But the latest addition to the schedule is a step too far even for me. I’m thinking of starting a petition to get Kate and Mim Mim banned from the box for good. I have not spoken about this to a single person but I know I can’t be alone in finding this the freakiest, most badly conceived idea ever. It follows the adventures of ‘feisty’ five year old Kate and her favourite toy bunny Mim Mim – essentially a cute teddy right up until the moment he morphs into a giant fricking weirdo with an accent which appears to be half Australian, half Dick Van Dyke circa Mary Poppins. Meanwhile her imaginary world (Mimiloo) appears to be housed by Pixar’s scariest alien rejects.

Take this example of a typical episode: “A Case of the Giggles” – in which the dynamic duo are tasked with finding a “Merry Berry Bush” in order to make it laugh (I kid you not – and this, my friends, is surely a prime candidate for Scott Mills’ Innuendo Bingo – poor old Mary Berry, it’s just a bit personal really, isn’t it?). (For anyone not familiar with Innuendo Bingo try this clip with Gerard Butler – you can thank me later):

But you know, it’s irrelevant what I think about it (or any of you discerning parents either for that matter). As long as the kids love it, it doesn’t matter if Mimiloo is actually my personal ‘Event Horizon’. Oh, but here’s the thing: my kids LOATHE it from the sincerest bottom ofΒ  their Postman Pat-, Peppa Pig-, Thomas the Tank-loving hearts. Respect to the munchkins.

On the other end of the Cbeebies spectrum, one of my all-time favourites has to be Sarah and Duck. What is not to love, I ask you, about a small girl who hangs with a duck, bakes a cake and gets baking tips from the cake itself, doesn’t appear to have parents but seems quite pally with a woman known only as ‘scarf lady’ (whose bag is pretty friendly too) and gets to know an animate umbrella who doesn’t like getting wet and has to borrow one of her wellies to get home? Christmas this year will be all about the Sarah and Duck merchandise – BBC Shop? I’ll be your bitch.

*that might possibly have been six months…


26 thoughts on “Cbeebies – it’s a love/hate thing…

  1. Haha we don’t have Cbeebies here but we watched it while we were in the UK, god there’s some crap on there!!! Kate and Mim Mim didn’t bother me I actually thought it was cute but most innuendos do tend to go over my head so maybe it’s just me that’s ok with it!,
    Totally agree with you on Sarah&Duck I loved it, the way she says hello is too cute! Since we got back here we downloaded baby jake for Arthur and in the night garden. I strongly dislike baby jake I find it infuriating but I’ve grown to love the insanity that is in the night garden and have created back stories for all the characters haha!

    • Oh don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the writers of Kate and Mim Mim intended there to be an innuendo! I guess it’s just the way my mind works πŸ™‚ Yay for a fellow Sarah and Duck lover!! Baby Jake is definitely annoying, ITNG is tolerable for one child but once you’ve relived it with number two and then number three (factoring in step daughter here) it’s not quite so endearing!! X

  2. Ha ha … fab post. I have to admit not seen these shows! (where have I been hiding… ok, Disney Jr and Peppa Pig) My tot is 2 so maybe I have all this to come!! #sharewithme

    • Yep. My eldest barely watched any TV really – the one thing he really loved was Something Special with Mr Tumble but I used to listen to my friends talking about the various merits of this and that programme and really have no clue what they were talking about. We watch a lot more these days! X

  3. Ha ha fab post, there really is son great stuff on cbeebies, and then some utter rubbish!! I will admit we haven’t watched Kate and mim mim but it does sound bizarre!! Cant believe the bit about tickling the merry berry bush, lol but wrong at the same time!! Xx

  4. I am so glad we moved on from CBeebies. It used to be on constantly when the kids were little, but it doesn’t have the same feel for me now, as most of the things we watched aren’t on any more (at least, I don’t think they are anyway). My memories are of Balamory, the Fimbles, 64 Zoo Lane and Charlie and Lola and what was the one called where Justin and Sarah-Jane started out? It was kind of like Play School.

  5. i have never seen cbeebies as an america we only really watch the america cartoons I know so bad sorry. But I have heard about lots of these. We went to lanzarote on holiday and it only had postman pat in the mornings on so my kids were glued. So you are right they must be doing something right! lol Great post. I will have to play more for my kids Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  6. My little boy seems to quite like Kate and Mim Mim but then again he will sit and watch trains passing through Piccadily Station in slow motion on You tube for 20 minutes at a time so he’s not the best character to judge the quality of a TV show! x

    • Oh my word you’ve just reminded me of JJ’s YouTube train watching phase!! To be honest I’m not 100 per cent sure what my two year old thinks of that programme but I do know that the 5 year old despises it! πŸ™‚ X

  7. I also cannot stand Kate and mim mim. I quiet like topsy and tim though. Although you never see them have a breakdown because you won’t let them do something dangerous

    • Oh thank god there is another K&MM hater out there – right now it’s you and me on the petition πŸ˜‰ I like Topsy and Tim too but I’m not sure if I’d like it if they were constantly moaning and throwing wobblers – I get enough of that in real life!

  8. Lol, so true! I find Kate and Mim Mim quite strange too – thankfully my little one isn’t into it at all. I love your comments on Sarah & Duck – it’s a big hit in our house. Tweenies and Mr Tumble are also favourites here. We haven’t really got in to Topsy & Tim though.

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