Loving my new camera!

Yes, that’s right, my new camera arrived in the post today which was very exciting and I’ve been playing around taking a few pictures with it today. Here are some of my first attempts:

I’ve only really had a chance to play with perspectives and subject matter so far – not settings – and the auto modes allow you to take stunning pictures including picking up and focusing on all faces in the frame, and then all smiles too! It also has a continuous mode, a panoramic mode which allows you to move the camera across a vista at a set speed and then sews the shots together for you (haven’t tried this yet), an aperture mode which allows you to either choose a blurred background or no blurring at all and shutter mode which gives you the option of capturing a moving image completely still or with an element of movement to the final image.

I’m guessing that none of this is particularly unusual with either DSLR cameras or good modern day cameras in general but for me, its a bit of an exciting revelation and I can’t wait to start learning and playing around some more with all these fun options!

Watch this space!!

5 thoughts on “Loving my new camera!

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