Mindful Saturday…

This Saturday the hubster was working so I took the munchkins over to my mum and dad’s for the weekend. I have to admit that normally, when we go over there I have been guilty of taking the opportunity to pop into town unencumbered by either of them to mooch about a bit and buy the odd birthday pressie or other necessity. This is normally while EJ is napping and therefore I tend to miss out on spending quality time with JJ. He adores his Grandma and she is fabulous with him, patiently playing games and letting him help her with the dinner preparations whether I’m there or not. However this week, for whatever reason, I decided not to go out. I had taken a couple of things over which I thought JJ might enjoy – an Usborne Appletree Farm ABCs sticker book and thisΒ  pack of colour and create headresses:


which came as part of a lovely pack of stationary, cards and wrapping paper which I won in the month of March for writing four posts on four different themes, my favourite of which is probably this one for The Theme Game devised and administered by Jocelyn of The Reading Residence and Iona of Red Peffer (great fun!).

We never really touched on the stickering this weekend but JJ was well up for the colouring in and he definitely wanted me to help him (read – do most of the work!).

Strangely enough I actually quite enjoyed this activity. It turns out colouring is really quite therapeutic! JJ spent most of the task looking over at Grandma (who was enjoying a well deserved sit down with a cup of tea and a magazine) and trying to recruit her to the task!

Finally we finished the mammoth colouring task and I popped the head-dress out and glued the crown together. This is the end result:

As my Dad pointed out this is possibly a bit at the Elton John end of the spectrum, but I think you can pretty much tell from the look on his face how happy he was about this entire project!

I pretty much spent all day giving both boys as much attention as I could, attempting to cut down on my phone blogging and resisting the draw to pick up my book or Kindle Fire. I don’t really know if this made their behaviour better (it was pretty good) but it made me feel more on top of things – I was trying to pre-empt their needs and give them lots of positive attention all the way up to bedtime and I think that mindfulness paid off one way or the other. Happy children: happy mummy = magic ordinary moments ❀




31 thoughts on “Mindful Saturday…

  1. It sounds like a lovely chilled out weekend. I am often victim of sitting on my phone and not giving my undivided attention to my girls and then actually when I do put it down I realise what fun we have. They also are a lot better behaved as well. Since Christmas I have been trying to cut down my time on social media and it definitely has worked well for all of us! x

    • I know I should cut down on my time on phone, tablet and laptop in their presence – sometimes it doesn’t feel like there is the time to squeeze everything in but I figure if its a choice between not being able to comment on 50 different posts and actually missing out on quality time with the munchkins then its a no-brainer really.

  2. I am constantly thinking of something to blog that it is taking much of my time and is robbing my son of me time. Even if I am with him my mind is somewhere else (blogging). This is what i am trying to do lately. Go away from the laptop. I am now using the laptop tho cuz hubby is here and well son is not alone. Nice post! #whatsthestory

    • That’s it I guess – if its just you and them alone then really they deserve your undivided attention. They’re not going to want to play and include you in their day to day lives soon enough so we should make the most of it!!

  3. Aww sounds like you had so much fun with him! Loving the glasses they are gorgeous, and I am sure Elton John would love them too πŸ˜‰ well done you for steering away from technology for a bit and enjoying having fun with your boys, I bet they loved every minute! xx #whatsthestory

    • It was a right old mash up of colours – this probably tells you something about how my Christmas decorating goes – I’d love to be a two colour artfully and stylishly composed decorator but it always just ends up like a technicolour soup!! πŸ™‚

  4. A lovely way to spend some time together (especially because it was from my shop ;-))! I find colouring in quite therapeutic, too, and it does feel good to give the kids your whole attention with projects like this. I have to be strict with my phone use as it’s so easy to just check it and then you’re lost in it! The end result looks brilliant πŸ™‚

    • I get lost in some form of social media every day but its not really fair on the kids. I think we all end up feeling the love if I have my full attention on them. Great products too! Can’t wait to do the other two head-dresses now!!

    • Its pretty cool really isn’t it? I guess it makes sense that, along with not letting them get too hungry or too tired, being mindful with them is the third real key to managing challenging behaviour. Sometimes life ain’t always that easy though, eh? πŸ™‚

  5. That sounds like a lovely way to spend the afternoon – and the headdress is wonderful, Elton John or no Elton John – I shall have to look out for that pack, my Kitty would adore it!

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