Three little duckies


This Sunday myself and the boys visited my Mum and Dad for the day. The hubster was working and the house is still somewhat chaotic with the ongoing work on the bathroom so it was nice to escape for a few hours. We decided that, due to the beautiful sunny weather we would take the boys over to the Woodland Gardens in Bushy Park – a place I have adored since I was a little child – essentially a magical woodland filled with (at this time of year) wall to wall purple rhododendron and many coloured azaleas, with the paths and walkways taking you this way and that, never sure whether you will end up in a woodland glade, adorned with bluebells, or at a lakeside vista, complete with totem pole! Pooh sticks and hide and seek behind the giant oak trees and in and out of the strange lands that exist underneath rhododendron bushes were the order of the day for me as a child.

Sadly some of the magic was a little lacking this time round as the powers that be have obviously decided that the rhododenron’s were due for a little crop and have razed vast patches to the ground leaving nothing but a few muddy stumps.


One magic moment for us though, involved the discovery of a mother duck with her three fluffy ducklings – they were so tame – quite happy to have their photos taken – not so impressed by JJ chucking them some stalks of grass intead of a few juicy bugs or even some stale bread!

The kids were mesmerised.


I had to pull out all the stops to get EJ to comply with my request to turn back and head for home – yep, that’s right I pulled out the ice cream card! “Ice Cream” is one of EJ’s only phrases (he’ll shout it out if he spots the right van!) and never have I seen such a prompt about turn!

*Apologies for the rough quality of these photos – I forgot to take my camera with me and this was the best I could muster with my Windows phone!


34 thoughts on “Three little duckies

    • Ooh I couldn’t possibly say! Especially because I know nothing of horticulture – it was possibly a necessary evil – just a bit sad! Its already sprouting again but goodness knows how many years it will take to get back to its former glory.

  1. Sounds like a lovely day Sam , and don’t apologise for the pics they’re fab! Hubby & I were discussing the overgrown parks the other day, and how sad they end up looking! #MagicMoments

    • It is lovely. A couple of years ago they added a cafe in there too (‘The Pheasantry’) so now it is the ‘go to’ Sunday activity for the yummy mummies of South West London. (Not that I’m including myself in their ranks!) 🙂

  2. Bit of a shame they got rid of all the rhododendrons. Hope they do plant something in its place. The little family of ducks look so cute on their little walk though 🙂

  3. Ice cream is an essential parenting tool! It sounds like a beautiful place and I believe Rhododendrons can take over if left unchecked-I know it’s a problem in the Scottish Highlands (especially as it’s not a native plant.) Having said that, I love them-such beautiful colours x

    • My Mum did actually mention the fact that Rhododendrons are considered to be invasive weeds but they have been a significant feature of these Woodland Gardens all my life so I’m not sure why a massive section suddenly has to be razed. As I say though, I’m no horticulturalist! They are very beautiful though and I try to visit every April/May – when they are all in full bloom it is a sight to behold – some of the bushes are as tall as two storey house and just swathed in deep purples! X

  4. awww it looks like such a lovely place and getting to see that mother duck and her babies would be the icing on the cake for me .. although icecream is always a winner 😉

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  5. How sweet! It looks like you had a great day. There is nothing like a walk in the park on a sunny day to take your mind off that building work going in your home. Hoping it is close to completion now. x Mel

  6. The ice-cream or juice works every time doesn’t it! Sounds like you had a great time and I love those photos even if you did forget your camera. It’s no wonder he was mesmerised! Lovely post #whatsthestory

  7. Aww so cute, love seeing the little ducklings, just adorable! Looks like a lovely place and sounds like you had a lovely time too 🙂 xx

  8. Wow those ducks were very tame, you got really close! Looks like you had a lovely day all round – hope the sunshine and the ice cream took your mind off the bathroom for a while at least! #magicmoments

  9. Sadly the powers that be think that Rhododendron are an invasive weed and are trying to remove it all over the country… madness, it it such a wonderful plant when it’s in flower. #whatsthestory #magicmoments

    • Nooooo! I’ll be really, really p’d off if they raze all of the Rhododendron’s from the Woodland Gardens – they’ve been there for like,,over 40 years – and they’re contained within fencing so that shouldn’t be an issue right?!

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